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I Hate Directtv and Their Customer Service is horrible


I Hate Directtv and Their Customer Service is horrible

I was so glad to see this forum regarding Directtv because, I want to address my problems about this company.

I am so ready to switch to another cable provider their customer service and customer service dept. is awful. Yesterday my service got turned off do to a past due amount I called in to talk to a rep. about making payment arrangements to get it restored explained to her I could pay half the amount today and the other half next week "well unfortunately mam we can do that but, I can't restore your services unless you pay the past due in full", explained to her my situation basically she didn't care still told me I had to pay the $200 to restore my services well at that point I am upset and, I just hang up. Well, I got to thinking about it and, I was like fine I will call them back and pay that stinky past due so I can watch tv. ge(t on the phone with a different rep tell her I want to pay the past due so I can get my services restored ( now that was just the past due on top of this months charges) well she tell me I have to pay the full amount which is the past due on top of this months charges to get my services restored I informed her that isn't what the first rep told me this morning she advised me if I could pay the past due I could get my services restored, the rep again told me I had to pay the full amount didn't care just you have to pay the full amount well I am really upset at this point because, once again I get told two different stories so I asked to speak with her supervisor and she goes to tell me her supervisor is going to tell me the same thing I told her I don't care let me speak to her. Well normally when you call a call center like that and you ask to speak to a supervisor they put you on hold forever trying to locate one and after waiting for a long time they finally get on the phone with you, no not in this case it was like 2 seconds and this lady gets on the phone claiming to be a supervisor and I was thinking to myself man that was awful quick so I asked the lady are you really a supervisor or are you sitting right beside this young lady and she just hands you the phone and tells you to act like you are a supervisor well she swore she was so I get to telling her the conversation I had with the other lady and, she tells me the same thing I have to pay my full balance to get my services restored and, I told her that isn't what your rep told me this morning and she tells me she doesn't know why that rep told me that but, that is the situation once again didn't care didn't say well let me look and see what I can do for you it was like either you pay or you don't get your services back so by this time my blood is boiling and, I ask to speak to her manager and she tells e it might be a bit before he can get to me can she have him call me back I was like sure but, if he don't I am calling back. Well the manager calls me back and at first he tried to tell me the same thing but, then he goes wait hold on let me check something out and, to make a long story short he took my past due payment and restored my services so I ask him if that lady was a supervisor why couldn't she do what you are doing now for me well he gives me the story that he can do things as a manager that supervisors cant do but, I am sorry I didn't believe that I don't think that lady was a supervisor it was just a way to get me off the phone, ok keep in mind I started with them in the morning and, by this time it was almost lunch. Well he goes into about lowering my bill I was like fine that sounds good and,I told him you can take off Cinemax and Showtime cause, I don't like those channels and I hardly ever watch them but, I want to keep HBO and Starz and my sports package because, I have boys that love watching sports and I told him this like 3 times he said ok he would take off Cinemax and Showtime. I get off the phone with him and, my son informs me that he doesn't have the sports channels anymore and, then I look and, yeah he took off Cinemax and Showtime but, he also took off Starz and the sports package that I told him 3 times I didn't want taken off. So here I go again calling them back I get on the phone with a girl I can barely understand what she is saying told her what happened and, she was in such a hurry to get off the phone with me she didn't ask me if had anymore questions it was like ok I took care of it bye. I was like wow ok well I go back and look and it still wasn't fixed, I turned the receiver off and back on and, it still wasn't fixed so for the 6th time I call them back and, once again I get another girl I can't understand very well explain this story all over again and, she informs me she will help to take care of it we go thru the same process of turning the receiver off and on unplugging it from the wall all that good stuff still isn't fixed so she tells me she is going to have to transfer me over to technical support so I am like ok well the girl from technical support answers ask me what my problem is and I was like so the previous rep didn't put notes on the account or tell you what was going on and she tells me no we are in a different dept so we can't see their notes so I go through it all over again for her, after about 10mins she fixes it. I literally was on the phone with them all day I didn't get anything accomplished that I was suppose to do and, I had to tell my story to 6 people why?? Do you not have to put notes in the account whenever we call in? Do you know how frustrating that is I would rather had a recorder and said hold on and just hit play  I am not complaining about the manager he did help me more than any of the others did and maybe he just hit the wrong key, button, the reason why those channels weren't on but, the other people no customer service at all except for the lady in technical support. Why do yall give different stories whenever we talk to a different person and why do yall not do whatever you can to help the customer? You really need to evaluate your customer service call center and see how these people are talking to us and how they are acting. Like I said I hate directtv and I would NEVER recommend them to anybody once my little plan is up on my equipment I am looking elsewhere.

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Re: I Hate Directtv and Their Customer Service is horrible

Hello @blondecsm,


We do apologize for this poor customer service experience and for your inconvenience.  We appreciate you sharing what happened and for the feedback.  We appreciate you as a customer and hope that we can do better for you going forward.  If you need further assistance, you can send us a direct message.  Be sure to login to that link and include your name, account number and contact information.


Thank you.



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