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How to file a complaint with the corporate office


How to file a complaint with the corporate office

Hello - I'm not sure if I have the right location. But I am in desperate need to file a complaint, and need to know how to go about doing so. Can someone please assist?

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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

This is a customer to customer forum. For official support you have a few options:


Phone: 1-800-531-5000

Online Chat: www.directv.com

Private Message through the forum: @ATTDIRECTVCare

Written correspondence: Address listed on your monthly bill statement

(Included after every post)
I am a customer, not an employee. This is a public forum.
For official support call DirecTV 1-800-531-5000 or AT&T 1-800-288-2020.
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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

I went through this with them and am not happy with their resolve of this. But I had to eventually call the president's office in Dallas and put in a complaint. I told them what I needed when they answered. I also filed a complaint with the FTC, and the FCC, and they did make them respond, more than once.


It is still not resolved to my satisfaction but that is the way you get them to answer to your issue.


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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

Please provide me with the President in Corporate for Directv contact information. I would love to request resolution from Corporate because the phone in service is a joke. Thank you.
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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

ave you tried google?


Anything below the is a signature :
Note: This is a customer to customer forum, I am just a customer. Employees are identified as such.
Award for Community Excellence 2019 Achiever*
*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

I was just on the phone with DirectTV/ATT, on for over an hour. My issue is that they SUBCONTRACTED my installation to a local dealer and the installation is faulty, holes in my roof, cable supports screwed through the siding, etc..., Now they are telling me, that since it's a dealer, we have to file a claim with the dealer. They didn't even have a contact name or number for the dealer. Makes me wonder if the installer was skilled enough to do the installation and whether they had any insurance. What would have happened if he fell off the ladder? 


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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

The appropriate answer to the original post would have been telling them who to contact at *ATT CORPORATE* and not DirecTV. Anyone who can read a bill or website knows how to do that. What we need is information that will do some good because, clearly, DIRECTV has not.
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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

What's process to file a complaint with fcc and ftc?
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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

Direct Tv and Att is the worst customer service F+.  On July 25, 2017, I spoke to Bret who is a high-pressure sales person.  I was told I had 30 days to cancel Direct TV I decided not to keep service.

8/8/17 - I spoke to Kelly said I could not complain she was at the top of the food chain.  I asked to have direct TV disconnected and was told it would be cancelled by midnight that day.   Today is 8/9/17 at 7pm.  I still have Direct TV.  Kelly told me that I only had 24 hours to cancel not 30 days.  I asked why the sales person is given out incorrect information if that is true.  She could not answer by question or direct me to anyone who could because she was the top of the food chain.


I was also charged a $35.00 activation fee that I was not told about.  Kelly could not give me credit for this either.  I asked her for a copy sent to my email of the report she was taking.  Kelly stated that she couldn't do that because that isn't part of doing business.


So, I am waiting for Jamie from att DNCS to get back with me in two/three business days to see what the taped recording says from July 25, 2017.  I will see if it is altered or not.   I have a witness who was listening to the conversation.  Let's see if honesty will prevail.  When I spoke with Bret the sales personally asked for something in the mail and of this date no mail.


Either way when all said and done I am making a report to the attorney general office.  This is illegal and I the customer am tired of being screwed by the famous bigh business who is too big for it's britches because apparently employees think it is ok to scam people.  These people should be charged criminally.


I am not going away and that is what they want.  If you don't fight to the bitter end they will think I scammed another person, no big deal, where is my next victim.


So if there is anybody out there from ATT or direct tv --please listen to your customers and provide great customer service.


Improving customer service and walking in the customer's shoes as if that customer were yourself or acting like it was your family member getting services.  Would your attitude change?


  •  Define Standards of care,
  • Tell us if we've achieve it, 
    Ensure consistent level of care for all customers.

There is a pervasive sense of frustration over bad customer service that greatly needs to improve.  Going to work because most of us want to help people, making a contribution, find meaning in our work.


  • We like to be led, but not driven:  pulled but not pushed.
  • We don't want to hear there's a better way than "The way we've always done it."
  • Wary of being told what the standards of excellence are - but do we unearth those standards on our own?
  • Do we empower ourselves and find ways to make the life of a customer better or do we make their lives miserable!
  • What I have personally discovered the customers have better outcomes if they are treated with respect and being treated fairly with ethnic diversity.
  • How do employees react when customers ask questions or employees run a cross a problem with a customer?
  • Employees can choose a posture that defends or one that embraces.  It's only human to resist when it is an "outside-inside thing"?
  • What if instead it was an inside - outside thing?  When it imposed on us, we balk, parse, challenge the data, question and give the customer a hard time.
  • It's not my job.  translation - I don't have the power to affect this or I don't see how this relates to my work.  and I am certainly not going to help the customer because the customer has been.....
  • Put on a fresh pair of eyes.  Tweak your performance all you can.  Rethink and redesign.
  • Empower yourself to create a system that gets the right results.  
  • The axiom, people are stuck in jobs smaller than they are is a call to be fully engaged!  notice where a process could be streamed lined, improved, made more customer-centric.

Look at the other inside/outside areas and see who is excelling and who is struggling.  Steal their best practices shamelessly.  Be prepared to share our secrets of success in areas where you have failed in the past. Most important outshine yourself.


Make it personal otherwise you won't reach your goals! Track your progress to see how much you have grown! When the quest is doing our very best for the customer the scores will take care of themselves.  this is how it relates to you and me.  No matter what your profession we are in:  from the agent, secretary, receptionist, manager, billing department.  Yes we all play a role in helping make better customers service for the customer’s we service.


Stretch the benchmarks, raise the bare and strive for excellence - because through it all you can touch the lives a real human being entrusted to your care....and excellence is a moving target.  Reach out and touch someone!  Make the difference for the better!  One person can make the difference for better or worse!  Most importantly put H back in humanity and start taking care of our customers from the smallest detail, ensuring that I am not that busy, with the phone ringing off the hook, to ensure that I have the right phone number.  yes, you want to cancel a policy, but is that what you really want to do.  


Are we asking the customer and explaining all their options, is there something more feasible.


Please treat people with compassion and dignity.  Treat them like kings and queens and it will come back to you 10-fold.  Marianne ***

[Edited for privacy. This is a public forum. Please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

Hi, do you still have the phone number to the Direct tv presidents office? I have a major complaint
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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

I"m heading to the calling texas and filing a FTC and FCC complaint myself

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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

thats not the number to file a complaint

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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

Regarding:  DIRECTV Account#


7/25/17, I spoke to AT&T/Bret  .  Bret told me that I have a 30-day trial/grace period starting 7/26/17 and for whatever reason I didn’t like the service all I had to do is call up and cancel.  Bret told me I would get free movie channels for 3 months and take make sure I called before the 3 months were up so I wouldn’t be billed if I didn’t like the package.


8/8/2017 I called and spoke to DIRECTV/Kelly  .  I explained to Kelly that on 7/25/17 I spoke to Bret from AT&T and he informed that if I didn’t like the service I could cancel in 30 days.    I also explained that I wanted the $35.00 activation fee removed because I was never told about any activation fee.  She said no that isn’t true you only have 24 hours to change your mind.


Kelly informed me that that the direct tv would be shut off by midnight of 8/8/17.  She told me that I would have to pay $400 early termination and she didn’t know anything about the $35.00 activation fee.  I would have to pay this too.


I asked Kelly if I can get this escalated and file a complaint.  She said there was no one else, she was it and your speaking to me.


8/8/17 I called and spoke to Jamie/AT&T/DNCS/ a Home Service Provider.  Jamie told me she would have to review the records/recordings and get back w/ me in 2 or 3 business days.


8/10/17 Jamie called me and stated that she agreed with me that Bret said I had 30 days to trial DIRECTV and I could cancel and no cost.  Jamie then transferred me to direct tv while she stayed on the line with me.  While we were waiting I asked Jamie if I could have a transcript of my conversation with Bret from 7/25/17 and she said that she has no ability to give a statement that I was requesting.


8/10/17 when DIRECTV came on the line I think her name was Anna.  Jamie explained everything that happened above and was told I had an outstanding balance of $3.41.  I was assured by both parties that I didn’t have anything to worry about because of the conversation that I had with Bret on 7/25/17 I was not responsible for early termination fees.  I again asked if I could have a copy of the conversation or an email so I don’t have any surprises in the mail.

I am writing to dispute a bill and want all information removed from my credit reports until this issue is resolved.  I want anyone and everyone that received a bad credit report to be given a statement that this matter is in dispute in accordance with the FCRA.

I am asking that billing and any more phone calls will stop immediately until this matter is completely investigated and information is (deleted or corrected) within the time frame required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and inform me in writing of the outcome.

I am asking the State and Federal General Attorney office to investigate for possible criminal charges of defrauding the consumer.  Please take whatever state or federal legal action is necessary to put a stop to this fraudulent activity including class action lawsuit.

How many consumers are paying for a bill that the insurance company might have paid but because of this fraudulent activity of AT&T and DIRECTV the consumer doesn’t know their rights and just pays the bill because the consumer is being bullied and harassed and harassed.


Issue unresolved--the cirucus continues.  [edited for privacy – please do not post personal information]

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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

I have been with ATT (Directv) since 2006.  I currently have all my services through them but it has been a nightmare with their customer service.  I have never once been able to call or chat without talking to multiple reps and being on the line for more than an hour.  Most of these times I cannot get a resolution.  I have given up trying to deal with them and I'm currently looking to switch to another company.  

My most recent issue is with a receiver that will not connect to the internet, I did all the troubleshooting (which by now I have memorized) and then called for tech support.  Once again going through every step with them on the phone, mind you this is 4 reps and many transfers to finally get one to agree to send a technician.  That technician was scheduled for today from 4-6pm.  I started getting emails from Directv at 5:04 am confirming todays date and time.  At 8:08 am I started getting the calls to confirm this time (2 calls)  then I get a message at around 2pm that the tech is on his way to my house (of course I'm not home)  Called Directv to be told I had been given the wrong time, so how did the emails and automated calls come through with my so called wrong time.  I cannot believe how incompetent this company has become.  No help and horrible customer service


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Re: How to file a complaint with the corporate office

To: ATT Customer Service:  I have talked to many people about this problem who worki for Directv and Centurylink.  I have been an ATT customer for many years and Directv customer quite a few years.  I am bundled with ATT, Dlirectv, and Centurylink.  I got gassed out of the room I was renting at 3619 Foxliar in Flagstaff, AZ.  I was very weak and feared for my life so I left in a hurry and did not take my Directv equipment as well as most of my other possessions.  I could not get the equipment back; I bought some receivers from somone who had gotten them from Goodwill. The receiver had been given away but people on the phone say they are still under contract with someone named Kelly who apprently abandoned them.  I cannot get Directv to activate them.  Doesn't it make more sense for the environment to recycle them to me.  I would like to be using my Directv and completing my contract.  I would be paying about  100 a month and enjoying TV.  Otherwise they are just setting there.  Centurylink also took out about 150 and 90 dollars during June and July after I had the services disconnected on June 7. Please help me get the receivers connected and my money back.  Sincerely,  Sheila Bilyeu  

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