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How do I submit a claim using my Premier Protection Plan?


How do I submit a claim using my Premier Protection Plan?

Hello, I know this probably sounds like a stupid question, but I am incredibly frustrated right now becasue I have searched all over this web domain (Directv.com) for ANY reference to an answer, and I can not find it. I have an Apple device that is broken, and I would like to submit a claim for it to be repaired (or whatever they do to it). I've had this plan for over 4 years now, but I have never used it. I have searched by category, I have searched using the search box and have come up with various types of keywords to search for, yet still I get nothing. I'm so frustrated because DirecTV's webpage is of no help to someone like me who is here for the first time and needs some help. So.....can someone please direct me where to go in order to do whatever it is I have to do to start a claim? I read the instructions on the "Claims" page, and it says, "Start a claim". Those are my instructions, literallly it says, "Start a claim". It's not a hyperlink, so it's not clickable. It's not in or near anything that says "Claims". It just awkwardly appears in the middle of a page that talks about 4K TV. I am VERY confused, and I know you folks have been in the situtation I'm in right now where my stomach is churning, I'm starting to sweat, and I just want to pick up my computer and throw it through the window and make a big mess and a big noise so I can yell, "DIRECTV (blank)!!!!!!". I can't even articulate properly how I feel right now. You can't imagine the things i've gone through on my end to find out how to do it. They talk aout going to some sort of "portal" which does not exist (at least, not where I've been searching which are in all of the obvious places including search boxes). So If someone can please help me to calm down and find out HOW and WHERE to file a complain, I would be most appreciative. On a side note, I just want to point out that several years ago, before DirecTV asked me if I wanted to save ten bucks a month by combining my DirecTV bill and my AT&T home phone bill. I said sure, why not??? Ever since that day, I have really regretted it. No matter who I call, one of them ALWAYS passes the buck to the other company. "Oh, you're speaking with AT&T----you need to speak with DirecTV about that". So then I call DirecTV: "Oh, that's an AT&T issue....you need to speak with them about that". I can't win. And now I can't find squat on the website, other than directions that take me in circles. And I was logged into both when I came to this page, but now it's asking me to log-in to a third page. I don't know what I'm doing, I'm lost, I've tried, and I'm really tired. Thank you VERY much in advance to anyone who can help this very frustrated person out. THANK YOU!!

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Re: How do I submit a claim using my Premier Protection Plan?

Hello...no question is silly or stupid.  We ALL have needed help at some point in life.  I have not filed a claim, but I believe I have found a useful link for you https://www.directv.com/technology/protection_plan


I hope this helps.




This link is a little more direct, and gives the phone numberhttps://support.directv.com/account-management/how-do-i-file-a-claim-with-directv-protection-plan-pr...


Filing a claim with DIRECTV™ Protection Plan Premier is easy! Simply visit your My Equipment page anytime day or night and click “Activate Now” to get started. You can also call 800.531.5000.

Once your claim has been filed, you can always track the status at directv.com/protection on the claims portal. Once there, simply click Claims at the top to view the status of any open claims.

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Re: How do I submit a claim using my Premier Protection Plan?

Hello, Thank you very much for your assistance! Unfortunately, those two links just take me around in circles, and that's where I've spent the last 45 minutes......trying to understand why they have a page that is titled, "How do I file a claim with DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier?". You would THINK that this is a page that helps you figure out how to file a claim. But, unless I'm missing something that's right in front of me (and that is always possible!), the page is of no use at all. It tells the customer to start your claim by clicking on the blue hyperlink that says, "Simply visit MY EQUIPMENT PAGE" anytime, day or night, and click "ACTIVATE NOW" to get started. 


Well......I'm on the "My Equipment Page" right now. I'm staring at it via a split-screen on my iMac. There is literally NOTHING on the entire page that contains the words "Activate Now". I see the word "Activated" all over the place, because all this page is is a rundown of what I do and do not have with DTV. For example, under the section of "Whole Home DVR", it says I'm paying $3.00/month and that it is "ACTIVATED". I could go on with many more examples of things I have that are "Activated" (such as HD, DVR, Additional TV, and so on and so forth). They all say "Activated" because, yes indeed, I do have those items. However, what on earth does this have to do with trying to file a claim using their Premier Protection Plan? 


If I continue scrolling down the "My Equipment Page" (which, remember, this is where it told me to go to file a claim), I eventually get to a heading that says, "My Protection Plan". It tells me what the plan is, it says that I pay $24.98/month, and it says "Activated". Again, these are all true statements. But I don't care. I know what my plan is, as do most people. Why does DTV direct people to "My Equipment Page" when the ONLY thing that can be done here is LOOK at what you pay for? There's nothing to click on. Nothing to submit. At the bottom of the "My Equipment Page" page, it says, "View My Claims". It says I can check the status of my equipment repair claims below. There is nothing to click on. Just a blue box that says, "You do not have any claims at this time". And again, this is true because this page does nothing more than tell me what I have. But I already know what I have, thus, a useless page. There is nothing to click on, for example, that says anything even close to, "Start a Claim"---nope! There is nothing that says, "How do I start a claim??"----nope! I mean there is NOTHING. A big fat zero. But it lets me VIEW my claims (with nothing to click on), ,but how is a DTV customer supposed to "View My Claims" if you can't make a claim to begin with??


I tried to be a bit more detailed in this response so that maybe someone will see it and go, "Ah! I know what he's doing wrong". I'm just stunned that their pages are built so poorly, especially when I'm paying them 300 bucks a year for a service I've NEVER used. I've had the plan for about 4 years, so I've paid them roughly $1,200.00 and have. never had a claim. This is my first time, and I am frustrated and disappointed that there is nowhere obvious for me to file a claim. 


Thank you for your help---I really appreciate it. I'm just stuck and have no clue what I'm supposed to do. Their page is so incredibly disorganized. 

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Re: How do I submit a claim using my Premier Protection Plan?

I apologize my previous post didn’t help.  I have, however, found more information:


Claim Questions:
How do I file a claim?

You may file a claim online here at directv.com/protection or you can call DIRECTV at 855-422-1614, 24/7 365 days a year to file a claim. A DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier Representative will triage your device to understand the nature of the problem. This may include initiating a remote session into your computer or device and offering to perform a Premium Technical Service such as a virus removal, etc. at no additional charge to you. If it is a covered hardware malfunction for an eligible product, the representative will immediately arrange for the repair or replacement of the device.


This is is the link I found it at. https://www.directvprotectionplanpremier.com/hub/directv/en-us/faq


I hope this helps this time.

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Same as before

I hope this message goes through. Now DTV has locked me out of my account because I accidentally entered the wrong password three times in a row. So this response is coming via email. (I hit "Reply" on the message that was emailed to me). I hope I'm doing this because I'm so confused now. 

Thank you for that information. I will give it a try tomorrow. I wish I knew why they make this so difficult. I'm going to ask when I call. I doubt it will do any good because it will just be a kid reading off of a script, but t maybe I can  get transferred to a supervisor or something. There is no reason for a customer to go through this much trouble to figure out how to file a claim. Very, very poorly designed interface (and maybe that on purpose? 

Thank you for your help. I will struggle with this tomorrow. I have a sneaky suspicion that since they made the pages this way on purpose, to discourage people from following through with repairs. Because if it's not that, then they need to review what they've got! I suggest making it a task at their next management meeting to see if anyone can figure out what to do. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that one.  Smiley Happy 

Thanks again, 


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Re: Same as before

The whole protection plan is an absolute joke.  You are correct.  It is a circle-gerk to try and file a claim.  The links on the Directv web pages DONT work.  They come back with broken links and dump you at the main page.  Spent 45 minutes looking and just ended up calling and talking to some Richard Cranium who had his head so far up his asss I had to escalate it.  And of course was dropped from the call.  But, to my fantastic luck, DTV called me back 3 days later and told me the device was not covered and dropped off the call.


Superb customer service, NOT.  Way overpriced.  Nickeled and dimed for every single thing.


Too many OTHER options out there.  Cya....

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Re: Same as before

Still dealing with them.  Had called and told them I needed several claims put through.. paid the fee for them to send me boxes.. they never did.  I have 3 computers, a tv along with batteries and chargers I needed taken care of.  5 months later.. still nothing.  Then the other day.. I get an email from Asuriun saying that because they NEVER heard from me.. they are closing all my files.  ????  I gave Directv/ATT all the information in December.  Years... we have had this and this is the grief you get.  Now that Att and Directv is ONE.. it is worse!!!  Get a call back today from social media telling me what to do to file...     Yeah No.  I tell her what the page says.  She doesn't know what to say.  Her response.  I will have to call you back again.  ???  So still nothing...  

Did you get yours resolved?   

How did you get to do it.. because the website is still NOT allowing you do access your premier protection plan.  

I am so frustrated... BEYOND what you can imagine.  

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Re: Same as before

It's been 35 days since I've enrolled paid the prorated bill was told my protection plan is active 7/1/10 AND STILL CANNOT REGISTER ANY OF MY EQUIPMENT!! what do I sign in with ? I've tried both the direct tv old pw and the new linked ATT account pw and NOTHING LETS ME REGISTER MY EQUIPMENT.... access now does not work the DIRECT TV email I got 3 weeks ago and BARELY FOUND BY CHANCE the REGISTER YOUR EQUIPMENT www.directv.com/protection sends me to SOLUTION HUB that says ERROR SORRY THIS PAGE NOT FOUND. This is a current email from DT then back to ACCESS NOW sign in hit access now and nothing so now what? How do you register oh and the email from DT says register within 30 days of enrollment well that was on 6/1/19 35 days ago nothing about waiting 30 days or paying the bill which I've done both now.... so how do I register is it under ATT


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Re: Same as before

I'm in the same boat in as far as I have had the premiere plan since before ATT took over. Prior to the merger I was able to get into the hub and manage my devices, but since the merger, no dice. I get the same circular logic that others have seen (click on the "activate" button from the premiere site and get a page saying I have to log in first - ??? already logged in folks, but I tried logging in again - rinse and repeat but the hair isn't any cleaner) The number may get you a person to create a ticket with but it won't help you manage your devices - I need to see a list for that; wait - what am I paying for again?)



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Re: Same as before

After weeks of the broken Hub I was on the line with DT and the guy gave me this #855-422-1614 to my surprise it was the # of DT PREMIER PROTECTION PLAN and the agent told me “oh there’s no need to list every model and serial # of your equipment and we cover what’s in your home so if a TV stops working you give us the information then” RIGHT well I insisted he write down every model /serial # of my TV computers laptop and IPad. Last week my Sharp TV would not come on so I called this # above to report it and the agent asked “what’s the model and serial #?” I told her she should have that already listed and they did. So I made a claim and in 2 days the vendor came out and took my Sharp 60” for repair or replacement. They charge you the $50 before they make a claim. They all knew the Solution Hub was broken and blamed it on ATT updating the site and saying ATT needed to let them know the days this was scheduled for. I told her apparently for the last 3 months. And yes your equipment doesn’t need to be updated since there’s no way to do it unless you call the # and then they direct you to www.hub.asurion to view your claim which I have not bothered to try since the TV repairman Customer Care Clinic told me to call them but they’d have my TV OR a replacement back in about a week. That # belongs to DT /Asurion that have a Department for DT. The solution Hub is permanently broken but if you call the # 24/7 they answer. This is the WORST warranty contact I’ve ever had and hoping I get my Tv back fixed. The # connects you to the DT/Asurion in TN. This took me over 3weeks and finally staying on the phone over a hour being transferred over and over till I got a DT rep who gave me that #. Call the # it is the only hope there is to talk to these DT PEOPLE AND PREMIER PROTECTION PLAN. and insist they document your equipment as I told him how can you warranty something you don’t know exists?? 855-422-1614
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Re: Same as before

Don’t buy the premier protection plan. What a waste! When my receiver caused my picture to go out, I had to pay $50 to make a claim, which I knew about. They then forced me to package and mail the receiver to Asurion. They refused to send someone to my house. Asurion sent it back indicating they could not duplicate the problem and that it worked fine for them. I was not allowed to speak to someone at Asurion about it. I had to speak to DTV who could only read what Asurion had written. When I got the receiver back, the problem was still there, no picture. I informed DTV and asked again for them to send a technical expert to the house as I would not once again send the receiver to Asurion. Why would I? They found nothing wrong with it. They refused and told me I had to send it in to them four(4) times before they would replace the receiver. 4 times? Why not 8 times? Give me a break. No way am I going to go through that hassle 4 times. I cancelled the premier protection since I concluded I was just wasting my money. I called a local surround system company who came out and fixed the receiver. Cost - $40.  (4 times - ridiculous!)

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