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How do I file a complaint against at&t and Directv services? I think they are scamming customers


How do I file a complaint against at&t and Directv services? I think they are scamming customers

I have had one problem after another with  AT&T and Direct T.V. from the first bill received (should have cancelled immediately).  The customer service representatives I have spoken too have been rude, disrespectful, and frankly do not seem educated in regards to the services they offer at this company. I believe they are trained to deceive customers and AT&T/Direct T.V. needs to be held accountable for wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial gain.. I have spent over 23 documented hours on the phone trying to resolve issues due to their errors. Yes, twenty three documented hours!!!!! From billing errors to wrong equipment being sent to failing to cancel services when requested. [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].Thank you.

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Re: How do I file a complaint against at&t and Directv services? I think they are scamming cust

I have to always chuckle (not at your situation or you personally) but anytime a class action is launched against any company the only people that benefit are the attorneys and the companies write it off, P.S. i just received my .47 cent check from VW class action suit.

While AT&T employees do look at forum posts from time to time, we are here to represent the forum with our experiences as customers and do not represent AT&T in any official capacity with our responses and do so on our own time unpaid and off the clock. As employees we are not rewarded nor compensated to participate in these forums This forum is comprised of regular customers to communicate with other customers to offer advice and share experiences same as any other user Although there is a small team of customer care specialists that monitor the forums the sheer volume of posts are simply too many posts for these agents to respond to each one of them.
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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

It's not about money. It's about principal.
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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

How about getting an email from the president of AT&T expressing concerns and a desire to resolve any and all issues. So, you reply with a contactc #, including a good time to reach you... 

That was December 12th and surprise, surprise, I still have not received a call!!! 






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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

Scammed by AT&T Directv.  Sold our house and moved out on October 12, 2018.  Called AT&T about 2 weeks before move to cancel our bundled AT&T Internet and Directv on October 11th.  Was given a "great deal"  per the AT&T representative if we would move our service to our new address.  AT&T told us that they didn't offer internet at this time to our new address, but could install Directv  and would honor the bundle package deal for the remainder of our contract which expires in September 2019.  In addition, the Directv choice we decided to move to our new address had a $25 off promotion going on that they would also give us which made moving the service to our new house a no brainer and we accepted the offer.  Directv was installed on October 13th and the billing from October to November 2018 bill had the correct deal and then the November to December bill almost doubled.  We called every day from December 17 thru December 24, 2018 and was informed AT&T could see the deal we were offered, but could no longer honor it and that only a supervisor could place it back on our account.  Asked to speak to a supervisor on December 17th and AT&T said their was no supervisor available as it was a Sunday, but AT&T would have a supervisor call on December 18th to discuss reinitiating the deal on our account.  Called AT&T on the evening of December 18th as we received no call from a supervisor but was promised that a supervisor would call us on December 19th as the supervisor was unavailable.  By noon on December 20th, still had not received a call from AT&T supervisor, so we called AT&T again (which, BTW, is a pain each time because of all the levels one has to go thru to get to the right departments) and was informed that the supervisor was busy, but was promised again would receive a returned call (note, each representative spends many minutes reviewing the previously documented calls and detailed information) that afternoon.  Again, no call received...surprise. Called December 21st, 22nd, and 23rd and was informed that AT&T was working on reestablishing our original offer after moving.  On December 24th, called one last time to inform AT&T that if they would not honor their contract with us, then we would be cancelling our service with AT&T Directv as Spectrum would be more than happy to take us on as a customer.  AT&T representative put us on hold and when he came back on the line said that he spoke with his supervisor and wished to inform me that she would call us back in 5 minutes.  I said we were promised this many times before and AT&T failed each time to return call.  The Representative then said "I promise, the supervisor will call".  43 minutes later we received a call and told to hold the line while they transferred me to the representative that could assist us (NOT supervisor).  When the line was answered, the AT&T representative was from the AT&T Cell Service cancellation department and could not help me and tranferred me back to the customer loyalty and retention department (we spoke to this department daily).  This time the representative said (like all the others) "please give me a minute to review the past call transcripts.  The representative came on the line again and asked for another minute and then promptly hung up.  No call backs have been received since and we are not going to put forth anymore effort to pursue AT&T Directv's breach of contract.  Filed a complaint with Capital One credit card in which the monthly charges are paid thru (Capital One had brought to our attention that the AT&T bill had doubled).  Hoping the stop payment will get "a supervisor" to finally return our call and honor the contract. Spectrum TV currently is set to install their service on December 28th.  AT&T will be losing a long term customer and as Army Veterans, will let all our contacts know to not trust AT&T Directv.  Note to AT&T, you have 2 days to fix your breach of contract.

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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

Unfortunately AT&T commonly treats consumers unfairly. I appreciate your
information as it will definitely help expose the reality of this large
company for what they really are. I urge you to file a complaint with the
Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Federal Trades Commission (FTC), Business
Complaint Boards, and even websites such as Angie's List. And in certain
states with their licensing boards. I am hearing the same numerous
complaints and consumers need to be aware!

P.S. I am still waiting for a call back that I was promised from December
12, 2018.
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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

Im thankful for your post as I have been dealing with the same issues except I have been dealing with this for over 3 years! Enough is enough and I literally just cancelled my services. My only resort is file a small claims against them for the maximum amount that should cover my frustration along with misbilling overages and payments on services I have not received and services added to my account that I never added. 

I think providing the courts documentation of others that have experienced the same issues will help my case.

Here is the address you can write to as I am doing the same. 


Office for Dispute Resolution, AT&T,
1025 Lenox Park Blvd.,
Atlanta, GA 30319


Good luck and I only can hope we find resolution sooner rather than later!

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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

I have had directvsince the year 2000. We have been solid and consistent customers. Our directv monthly bill averages about $200. That's about $2400 per year. Over a period of 20 years that I have had directv thats somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000 to $60,000. And yet on January 9, 2019 when I called an asked for an extension to pay my bill on the 16th of the month I was refused. I had had an emergency and asked for an extension to the 16th because I am retired now. The representative would not do it saying they had given me all the extension they could. Then I asked to speak to a supervisor who I could barely understand because she could not speak clear English. She also refused to give me the 6 more days that I needed. Prefering instead to cut my service. I then asked for their main billing office but the only thing she offered was an att store near me. She refused any phone numbers or addresses where I could speak to someone with more authority. Finally I gave up. I figure after 20 years att/ directv has decided they don't need my business. 

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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

I could not agree with you more!!!!  Ever since the two merged Directv has gone to crap....  I was on the account - in fact I am the one that set up the account but apparently they are Chauvinists and took my husbands name and made him the main account holder so he had to call and get me added. Next time I called same thing .  Just recently in October I was able to add things to our package and get the free movie channels and then when I tried to remove them before I got incurred any charges I was told I am not on the account AGAIN!!!!! How convenient when I need to remove the charges!!!  I am so unhappy and as soon as our Hockey package is over I am out of it ...SOOO DONE .  I have been a customer for like 20 years and this is the crap they dish out to loyal customers .  SO do you think I can file an FCC complaint ?

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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

I have an update to my complaint at Directv. After spending so much time making phone calls and getting the run around by the Directv “representatives”, I filed a complaint with the BBB against the corporate office in California (I live in Wisconsin). In my filing with the BBB, I stated what my original contract was, all my phone calls without satisfactory results, and that the Directv representatives and one manager (who finally called me) stated that they could see what I was offered and the representative who offered my deal was recorded, but they could no longer honor the deal. In my BBB complaint, I stated Directv was in Breach of Contract.

Miraculously, later that day, I received a call from the AT&T Executive office who were very apologetic. The Executive Officer who called me stated AT&T/Directv was very sorry for what I had to go thru with all my calls and that they looked at all manuscripts on record and listened to the recorded calls to include the deal offered and accepted when we moved service from our old residence to new residence. They further apologized for the last representative hanging up on me after he said he’d look at my past phone calls on record (guessing he didn’t want to deal with it).

AT&T/Directv is now honoring the original contract. I was given a case #, the name of the officer, and her direct email if I had any further problems. I was also asked to inform the BBB when they respond to my complaint by informing them that AT&T/Directv is honoring our contract and be sure to put the case # into my response. Was informed that AT&T/Directv takes any Breach in Contract very seriously and all representatives involved would receive training to help prevent this kind of response in the future to their valued customers.

Good luck to you all. The power of the BBB and perhaps the FCC is worth filing a complain to.


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ACE - Expert

Re: How do I file a complaint against at

@ajjk0283 wrote:

... .  SO do you think I can file an FCC complaint ?

That can help to get DirecTV to respond. But the FCC is closed right now due to government shutdown.  BBB might be better. 


ACEs are customers too, NOT employees. Answers are based on experience. I strive to give honest answers, even if not always appreciated. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove.

For official support call DirecTV 1-800-531-5000 or AT&T 1-800-288-2020.
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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

I hope that is what happens for me as well. I filed complaints with BBB and FTC yesterday and I am going to have plenty to tell them when they call me.

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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

They are scamming customers!  I am reporting them for bait and switch, billing after I canceled, and breach of contract. I should have known better, but after 20 years of being a loyal custormer, (My dad worked for ATT throughout my youth) and paying for unlimited data plans for 4 phones and an apple watch, I trusted them when I agreed to switch to Directv.  Big mistake! 

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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

As a follow up to above. I received a call from the office of the president within a week of filing a complaint with FTC and BBB. He refunded my money for the free phone and set up an appt with directv for a repair. Unfortunately, directv has not been able the fix the problem yet eventhough we drilled holes in the wall to direct connect to our router.  I am fed up with them. I have had two appointments where the tech never showed up. The first time, he called back and gave me a direct line to call and said he would come at a moments notice. That didnt happen. He was supposed to come last Friday but never showed. I called him 30 minutes after the window he gave me with no response. Called again today and no response. My on demand still does not work.  So frustrating. 

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Re: How do I file a complaint against at

I'm still waiting on a call back. But even better is the fact that this scamming company had the audacity to send me a collection notice. I've cancelled service. I had NO CONTRACT, NO EQUIPMENT, NO SERVICE yet they billed me? When I didn't pay for a service I DIDNDI HAVE, they forwarded information to a collection agency. I'm disqusted that a company can get away with this. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM COMPANY!!!! AT&T IS RIPPING SO MANY PEOPLE OFF!!!!!!!  It is amazing to read the THOUSANDS of unanswered and unhandled complaints 

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