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High bill


High bill

Apparently lasted month some sort of discount fell off my account and my bill went higher then normal,so I called and talked to a rep for 2 hours and he told me that he was going to reapply the discount for another year and it would show on the next months bill but there was nothing he could do with the current bill because the bill was already made or something like that. So then he said he would add a $50 credit to my bill to help out with the high price and it would show in 10-15 min from the time he applied it. So my problem was solved and we hung up. 30 min later I get an email from at&t saying that a $30 dollar credit was applied to my bill. So he lied about that,not a big deal i paid it expecting this month to get back to normal. Then this month my bill is once again over $200 and I called again to figure out why it was so high and the lady told me that there was no notations on my account of him reapplying and "promotion" to my account when it fell off just him applying a credit. She then proceeded to check and see if there was anything she could do. 1 hour after she put me on hold she comes back and tells me that there is nothing she can do. There is no promotions for my account except a $5 credit. So not only did I get  lied to the first time but I also wasted my time and I get screwed with my bill thinking the first time that is was gonna stay wat I was paying. How is this my fault that the guy lied to me and said he put my bill back to what it was. I'm not asking for free cable I just want the channels I have at the price I paid when I got the cable that is y I purchased the service in the first place because I liked the service for the price I would pay not because I pay one thing for a year and it changes then I get screwed. 

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Re: High bill

It's sad that the first rep misled you, but it's highly unusual for DirecTV to extend the 1-yr promotion pricing.  You should not rely on that promotion price to last forever.  

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