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HBO Go Video Player Error


HBO Go Video Player Error

I am unable to activate HBO Go on my new Samsung Smart TV or my son's PS4.


I go to hbogo.com/activate, then enter the code the app on the TV or PS4 gives me.  Next I select DirectTV as the procoder.  I enter my username and password, then it takes me to a plain white page with a few lines of script/code at the top.  It says the following: 


{"message" : "Invalid authentication response" , "type" : "Error" , "status" :500, "code" : 0 }


I have tried with four different phones (1 Android and 3 iPhones, each different model).  On two different wifi connections plus cellular network on all four.  Also tried multiple browsers on each (chrome and IE on each).  Plus a desktop computer directly connected to the internet via Ethernet cable (on both chrome and Internet explorer).  I tried it with how the settings were for each device and browser, then I went and turned off all add block and anti tracking measures and cleared all internet data (cookies etc) and tried again.  Everytime I get the same message. 


My username and password works fine when logging into the website, tried multiple devices and browsers and internet connections with no issues.  My other activated apps/devices also work fine.  I tried this method every day multiple times on each device with the multiple methods stated above for three days.  I then waited for a few days and tried again with the same result.  I am unable to find a solution online via at&t/directTV or HBO.  But HBO points to at&t/directTV as where the issue lies. 


Hopefully someone can help as this is very frustrating and is preventing myself and my family from using the service we pay for, without offering any useful error or troubleshooting.


Thanks in advance!


Michelle ***


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Re: HBO Go Video Player Error

Happy Holidays @abigperr


We understand that you are having a problem with HBOGo and using your DirecTV username and password.  We can help. Our techs are aware of problem and are working to resolve the problem, so you can get back to watching your HBO. There is no ETA at this time for a resolve. Once the problem has been resolved, your will be able to activate your HBOGo.


Thank you for your patience during this matter.


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: HBO Go Video Player Error

I’m having the exact same issue I tried the same fixes you did with no luck and even reset browsing history hoping that would alleviate issue but no luck 




I can’t imagine it’s only the 2 of us with this issue. It’s been happening the last couple of days for me. So no idea of the timeline to fix?

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Re: HBO Go Video Player Error

I have been having the same EXACT issue for the past two days and I’m really starting to become frustrated that it doesn’t seem to be a priority for AT&T. We pay for a service and we expect it to work. I’m sure they will still be wanting their monthly payment.

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Re: HBO Go Video Player Error

Same issue here, tried different devices and web browsers and all have the same result:

{"message":"Invalid authentication response","type":"Error","status":500,"code":0}


This is definitely an issue with AT&T and DirecTV that needs to be resolved. It's been almost 2 weeks since it hasn't worked.

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