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Fraudulent billing by Direct TV


Fraudulent billing by Direct TV

Anyone else recieve a charge for NFL that you didn't order? I did, read the bill and called to say I didn't order it and would not pay for it. First told to pay bill and get a credit next month. Said I wasn't in the business of financing AT&T and would not pay for something I did not order. Told that I should pay the regular amount which I did. New bill shows delinquency for NFL. I have a hunch that some AT&T honcho thought that if they automatically charged for NFL that most wouldn't challenge it. I did and will not pay for something I didn't order. Maybe time to put my law degree to use. Clearly a consumer protection issue in most states.

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Re: Fraudulent billing by Direct TV

If you had the NFL Sunday Ticket last season (such as free from intro offer), then it works on an auto renew. The renewal notice is on the June bill, with the 1st of 6 installments on the July bill. You have until start of season to opt out.


Ideally you see the notice and opt out before getting the fist charge, no muss no fuss. If removal doesn't happen until after it starts charging, then any installments already billed are credited back on the following bill (they only send one bill a month). Historically the removal of charges is processed by the system within 48hrs, so you could log into your account to verify the lower balance before making the payment. It was still show the adjustment on your next bill of course.


Yes the process is you pay the bill as shown because it is valid until such time as it is adjusted. There is no hold on any portion of balance just because it is disputed. Hopefully the correction goes through before the bill month starts over so that you don't have to pay the additional initially.


The renewals is not because they thought it wouldn't be challenged. Those that watch the NFL would want the Sunday Ticket each year. So that way they don't have to call in every year. If someone doesn't watch the NFL, or for whatever reason they are not going to watch it that year, then they call to remove which should be a one and done action.


Waiving around a supposed law degree in a public forum does not get any action done on your account. You call and verify the opt out is processed, even log in online to verify the updated balance as soon as the adjustment goes through. The agents over the phone will not care about any law education you have. If you want to go that route then request the address for "Office of the President" or any address they have for Legal correspondence as such discussions are started in writing.

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