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Error "You are not a direct TV customer"


Error "You are not a direct TV customer"

When I try to log into any channel's app on my Roku linking my provider (Direct TV), I get an error telling me I am not a direct TV customer. 

The app has me use a phone or tablet to go to the app activation page. I enter the activation code,  it takes me to a page and I select my provider (direct TV), then it takes me to the log in page, I enter my email and password, submit it, and it then tells me I'm not a customer. ??? I'm confused. 

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Re: Error "You are not a direct TV customer"

15477909834581929112498.jpgMtv app


15477910904801142631902.jpgSelecting DirectTV as provider


1547791136446467752961.jpgSigning in


1547791180015278745337.jpgHELLO!!!! CUSTOMER HERE!!!!


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