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This is the awful is place I've ever done business with!! I have been lied too 3 times. So now I have late fees. I tried to talk with a supervisor for 2 hours last nite and still didn't get to. I ask I'd u could call me back because I was just about out of minutes on my phone and was told NO!!!! I was lied to about the the cost of moving my service. I was lied to last month about the amount I had to pay. I was lied to about them taking my extra box off. As I was charged for it for 3 months an I told them when I reinstated my service I only wanted 1 tv box. If I had know this would have been this kind of mess I would have never moved my service to direct tv. So now I have a bill I can't pay because of all the stuff that's not suppose to be there. I was told they would take it off but didnt. I was told to pay one amount and it was.more so then I have late fee. I was charged for paying by phone which I wasn't told about. I was over charged for the service I wanted. I never got my credit. There has only been one service rep that hasn't lied. Now I don't know what I'm going to pay all of this. Last nite I ask to speak to a supervisor which after staying on hold for an hour I hung up. This is so wrong that you can do people like this.
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Re: Complaint

Directv is really going down hill since AT&T bought it. What a surprize!

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