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Charges after cancellation - AT&T DIRECTV scam


Charges after cancellation - AT&T DIRECTV scam

My 24-month Direct TV 24 month contract was completed February 5, 2019. I called and cancelled 5 times. The first time I cancelled was January 4, 2019, then again January 25, 2019. Then on February 9, 2019 - I made 3 calls totaling 59 minutes to attempt confirmation. Each time I called, I was told my account would be cancelled February 5 with no additional charges. Every time I called, the representative told me that the account was NOT closed. I am telling you this is a HUGE scam! Only the 5th time I called, I did receive an email confirmation. (After I was clearly upset and ready to call the Attorney General). Now, they want to charge me for the 4 days it took for the cancellation to be honored, $27.20. This week I receive a bill for $27.20 and a new LATE charge of $4.25. REALLY, are you kidding me? Now my bill is $31.45 bogus charges. I called today Direct TV, (800-531-500) 3/18/2019 @ 10:31 am EST, and spoke with a representative (Charles ID#CU754T) and he told me that I was indeed responsible for these charges, even though he could clearly see I made numerous call. I requested to speak to his manager and he just placed me on hold. Nice move. 

Please help me with this scam. Below is proof that I called AT&T and Direct TV on those dates. See attached clips. Oh, of course. I cannot attached the .pdf files. Let me know how to send to you!

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Re: Charges after cancellation - AT&T DIRECTV scam

Ridiculous !They are charging me fir a whole month of service because my billing cycle ends on the 4th of the month and i called on the 5th and cancelled.  They even have record of turning off the service to my home on the 7th. But yet i have to pay $135.18 for nothing! They are steeling from hard working people jut to line there pockets even deeper. They know people aren't going to go to court over a smaller amount. So here we are all together cancelling service and paying them millions of dollars for no service!! What a joke!  Think about it.  They are getting free money by scamming people. 

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Re: Charges after cancellation - AT&T DIRECTV scam

If you service cycle starts over on the 5th of each month, then when you cancel service continues through the 4th. You pay for the full month, but receive service for the full month. This is the current cancellation terms that went into effect at the start of the year. If your service was no longer working as of the 7th, then that is an issue and you would need to call DirecTV 1-800-531-5000. Service is supposed to continue through the end of your billing month, the same time you are paying for.


For reference, here is the notice sent in November 2018:


Please read this if you receive DIRECTV and/or AT&T Fixed Wireless service(s). We want to remind you that you’re billed in advance for recurring service(s) and/or programming charges and applicable fees based on the terms of your current service agreement(s) with us. Starting January 14, 2019, subject to applicable laws, we’re updating your agreement(s) to include your recurring service(s)/programming charges and fees won’t be prorated if you cancel the above service(s) on any day other than the last day of your billing cycle. Your service(s) will continue until the end of your billing cycle but you won’t get a refund (prorated credits) for any remaining days left in your billing cycle. For products not listed above, refer to their terms of service for more information.

Questions about this change? Go to att.com/ProrationPolicy for more information and to see the revised section of your service agreement(s).

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