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Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV


Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

I am trying to get to HBOGo using any device (Samsung TV, iPhone, etc.) everytime I go to the HBOGo.com activation page I select the device and select DirecTV as my provider. It brings me to a login page and I type my ATT credentials. These are the credentials I use when logging into any ATT site (att app, directv.com, att.com, etc.). I then get a message saying:

"You'll now manage your service with an AT&T Access ID. Click here to finish setting up your new Access ID, then come back and log in with that ID and password."

I click the "click here" and it just brings me to my ATT page (which I am already able to login to!). I then go back to the HBOGo.com webpage which takes me to the DirecTV provider login and the same message comes up when I try again to login. What is the problem?!?!

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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

Hello @worstdecision,

This definitely sounds like a hassle not being able to log in and keeping being redirected.  We do have some great information which can help out!

There is a chance the issue may be related to your login details.  Since the merge of AT&T and DIRECTV, all DIRECTV ID’s are going to be converted to AT&T Access ID’s.  Beginning in the fall of 2017, AT&T began announcing plans to move accounts from https://soc.https://soc.att.com/2JQmqiE/2JQmpLC to att.com.  The move includes converting the user's DIRECTV ID to an Access ID, as is, when possible. 

If you are a DIRECTV standalone customer, meaning you only have DIRECTV, please click here for more information.  If you have DIRECTV and AT&T with a combined bill, please see this site.  Please review this link for help with converting your ID as well as learning the details of the move.  By following these links, you will be able to reset the ID and password, but it will now be considered as an AT&T Access ID.

If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to contact us back!

Adam, AT&T Community Specialist

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‎12-06-2018 11:26 AM

Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

I was having this same issue. I am an AT&T wireless customer with AT&T internet and DirectTV service. In order to get logged into HBOGO.com I did the following steps, and now I am in (after about 2 months of random tries).


  • Go to att.com and login with your MyATT login ID.
  • Be sure to link your DirectTV account with your MyATT login (this can be done through your profile screen on MyATT.com)
  • While logged into MyATT.com open another tab / window in the same browser you are using (I was using Chrome).
  • Go to hbogo.com and click on Sign In.
  • When prompted for your provider, select DirectTV from the providers (it has an AT&T logo)
  • Now, here is where things usually went wrong for me:
    • You are prompted to enter your email DirectTV.com email address and password.
    • Ignore this, the developers are stupid and haven't updated the screen.
    • Instead of following the directions enter your MyATT ID (the one you use on MyATT.com and the MyATT app) along with your password
    • Viola!  You should now be in, if you are prompted to "complete your HBOGO account signup" just enter a username there (I used the same one) and a password.

Hopefully this helps someone get connected!



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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

I am having a similar problem. A few days ago I had regular access to HBOGO via my Apple TV. All of sudden the access is gone and it asks me to go to the activation page for HBOGO. When I click on Directv and enter my login (email) and password, it shows my account as locked. However, I can still login into myAT&T and the account page as usual, although I do not use the email for that. On the HBOGO page they ask for your email and although someone suggested to ignore that and use the same login ID as for my att, that does not work. I talked to about 8 people at ATT and Directv. I kept being transferred to a different “team”, but nobody was able to solve the issue. Also, refreshed all apps, deleted them and downloaded them again, cleared caches and data for websites and still cannot enter the login info for the HBOGO. Is there anyone out there who could truly help with this? Many thanks!


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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

Same here as well. I spent 3.5 hours yesterday being passed around from “team” to team, including one csr who straight up lied to me and said she needed to transfer me to the “Roku team” to which I replied “so, then you’ll send me to the Firestick, iPad, and iPhone teams as well?” because I knew it was bogus and when she *transferred* me she hung up on me. I spent another hour previously talking to a cdr who just had me use my email address that y’all send my bills, etc to and for an hour had me keep changing the password because obviously I did something wrong. 

Ibe had HBO the entire 15 years that I’ve had DirectTv and this is the first time something like this has happened. Worst part is it happened all because of that god awful user interface which caused everything to reset and my Roku and Firestick had to both do a verification again. I watch my shows there rather than through the tv because on demand has poor sound quality. 

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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV


I tried chat to see if maybe I’d get a different result and it’s fixed!! 

First, delete and reinstall the HBOgo app from your device(s)

Next, you need to have THEM reset your service.

Then, YOU need to log on, go to my account and change your user id to an email address. It can’t be the one that is your account email of record, where they send your bills, etc 

Finally, LOG IN! 


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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

Noladawn - can you give me some more details?  I follow thru have Them reset your service.


Next step - log on where?  The only login I have is the one for account e-mail of record.

Next step - finally login in where?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I've been fighting this issue for over 4 weeks now!!




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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

Ok, I suggest chat only because I did the same thing and spent upwards of 8 hours on the phone and al it got me was a migraine. 

Once you have someone, tell them you need them to send a reset to your service. 

Then you need to log onto your AT&T account online using your AT&T user id. Once you’re in click on my profile and select change user id. This is where you will enter an email address. Technically it’s not a real address because it’s just being used as an id but for what we’re doing it’s going to serve the purpose. It cannot be the same email that you use for your bills and such. I was able to log in to HBOgo immediately afterward. 

Good luck! 

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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

Same. This whole thing is giving me a headache. I’d rather just not watch HBO ever again. Free for life, only costs your sanity.

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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

I was having the same exact issue! The steps above worked for me too! Changing the AT&T Access ID to an email address is what did it. 

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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

Try using your ATT account login instead of your email address, when on
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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

Yeah, no... that’s what the problem is. It doesn’t allow just the AT&T user id. It will only accept a email address, which is the reason why this is here. 

I found the correction for it. It’s a few posts up and says FIXED on it. 

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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

 I used my ATT access ID as the email address and used my ATT password and it worked just fine for me.

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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

None of these suggestions help. When I try to log in to HBO Go using my DirecTV account, I get an error message:

{"message":"Invalid authentication response","type":"Error","status":500,"code":0}
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Re: Can't sign into HBO GO with DirecTV

Thank you so much! Your solution worked!

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