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Bill problem


Bill problem

WHY,WHY,WHY, my bill has been a mess for the last 4 months. I don't know how it gets screwed up when it is automatically taken out of my checking account and I was ASSURED for the last 4 months that it was taken care of, and again it was'nt, last time I called I was told it was fixed AGAIN and again wrong amount taken out $107.74 not $108.90 after again being assured it would be taken care of and there would be no balance forward forbthe following month, but AGAIN there is a balance of $1.16, UNBELIEVEABLE. PLEASE FIX THIS TIME !!. My contract expires in August and I'm having serious doubts about renewing contract. this is ridiculous.


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Re: Roger Roberts

A couple of things to take into consideration. When does your bill come out vs. when is it set for the payment to come out of your account. If there is more than a day appart then something else may charge to the account like a ppv before the payment is processed. When the payment is processed it takes the current amount due on the account, not just the last billed amount. 

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Re: Roger Roberts

Very strange! However, since this is a user to user forum, we are unable to take a look into the account via this method. You can try chatting in or you can send a private message to the customer care team: ATTDirecTVCare.


Leave your name, account number, phone number & best time to reach you, and a description of your issue. They will be able to take a look into it for you. Keep in mind they may not respond right away.

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