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AT&T Does Not Keep Promises


AT&T Does Not Keep Promises

I was told in December that I would be getting a credit for the next 12 mos. The credit was not applied so I contacted AT&T was ultimately put in contact with a supervisor. The supervisor told me they would take care of it and make sure the credits were added and would contact me by phone the following day. That did not happen. I then contacted AT&T again and spoke with the worse retention specialist ever. Very rude and unsympathetic to my issue. I have it in writing, through email chat that I would be given a $50 credit for 12 mos and now AT&T is not honoring what they promised. Very unhappy and I have everything with AT&T and will cancel due to the promise they did not keep and the retention rep's attitude and interaction with me.    

Reference Number: 741225001256950820

DATE/TIME: 2019-01-09 07:42:50

Your chat transcript:

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AT&T : Hi, I’m AT&T’s automated virtual assistant. How can I help you today?

Me : I want to check on a credit I was told I would get on my Directv bill.

AT&T :

You can view credits and adjustments on the Billing and Usage page.

Me : representative

AT&T :

Let me get you to a specialist. Please tell us your first name.

Me : Marcus

AT&T :

Thank you. Please wait as you are assigned to the next available specialist for account support.

Kevin : Hello, my name is Kevin. I'll be happy to assist you. Give me a moment to review your request.

Me : Ok thanks

Kevin : Thank you!

Kevin : Marcus nice to meet you, just to confirm, you would like to check about a refund check you were promised for a credit balance in the account

Kevin : Is that correct?

Me : I called and spoke with a rep on 12/18/18 about an issue and was given a $50 credit for 12 months off my DIrectv bill and I do not see that reflected on my most recent bill so I am inquiring on it.

Kevin : thank you so much for the clarification

Me : no problem

Kevin : I can definitely help you checking about that discount today for you.

Kevin : May I have a contact number so that we may reach you via phone or text with information about your AT&T services?


Kevin : Thank you for sharing that information with me!

Kevin : Please allow me a moment, while I access your account.

Me : ok

Kevin : thank you!

Kevin : l am able to see that indeed the discount was promised back on 12/18

Kevin : So l am going to go ahead and check why it was not reflected on the current bill.

Me : ok thanks

Kevin : It is my entire pleasure, l am here for you!

Kevin : I am sorry for the delay, I am still researching this for you. Are you OK with waiting just a bit longer?

Me : ok thanks

Kevin : My pleasure!

Kevin : Thank you for waiting, Let me explain you what l am able to see

Me : ok

Kevin : thank you!

Kevin : l am seeing the $50 off was promised and it was not applied. Since it is a loyalty discount l would need to partner you with them right now.

Kevin : Would it be okay for you?

Me : Yes that is fine

Kevin : Perfect!

Kevin : Please allow me a 1-2 minutes while I place the notes on your account for the next agent.

Me : ok

Kevin : thank you!

Kevin : Please keep the chat open while I connect you with them so we do not lose you.

Me : ok

Me : will do

Guillermo : Hi! My name is Guillermo. I'm happy to help. Please give me a moment to review your request.

Me : okj

Me : ok

Guillermo : Thank you!

Guillermo : Nice to chatting with you Marcus!

Guillermo : I have reviewed your previous chat and I can help you with checking your account about the discount you were offered.

Me : ok thanks

Guillermo : You're very welcome Marcus!

Guillermo : This discount was offered by phone or chat?

Me : by phone

Guillermo : Thanks for the confirmation!

Guillermo : Right now I'll check this for you.

Guillermo : Please give me a few minutes while I look into this.

Me : ok and the previous rep was able to see I was promised the credit however he could not add it and could not tell why it has not been added to my account and then transferred me to you for assistance on getting it added

Guillermo : Understood Marcus, I'll do everything in my power to help you out on this matter

Guillermo : .

Me : ok

Guillermo : Thank you!

Guillermo : Thank you for your patience. Please give me another moment to look into this further.

Me : ok

Guillermo : Thanks!

Guillermo : Thanks for your patience.

Me : ok

Guillermo : Marcus, I found the note if this discount on your account, however there is not any discount available at this moment, my sincere apologies for all inconveniences Marcus. R

Guillermo : Right now I'll contact my back office team in order to get this issues resolved.

Me : That is unacceptable. you've stated you see I was promised a discount and now you are saying I will not be given a discount is that correct?

Guillermo : That's why I'm getting in touch with my back office to get that resolved.

Me : ok and hopefully they will add the discount your company promised me

Guillermo : I'll do everything in my power for you, Marcus.

Me : ok and hopefully this wont take too long

Guillermo : Working on it.

Guillermo : Thank you for your patience. Please give me another moment to look into this further.

Me : ok

Guillermo : Thanks.

Guillermo : Thanks for your patience.

Me : ok

Guillermo : Marcus I have checked this for you and let me explain this for you.

Me : ok and hope this explains that the discount is now applied

Guillermo : I have checked everything in my power to honor this discount, however the account doesn't show more discount because you have 5 discounts applied on your account. $60 off for 1 year, $5 off for 6 months. $7 off for 6 months, $13 off for HBO and $25 off for your Unlimited Wireless Plan

Guillermo : However I got the approval by my supervisor to apply $50 one time courtesy credit in order to honor this bill and before the generation of the next bill we'll schedule a call back!

Guillermo : So We'll honor the discount.

Me : So you're saying you will not be adding the discount that was promised is that correct?

Me : That one time will not work. I was promised it for 12 months

Me : Looks like I will cancel all my service with AT&T and post this on social media of the promise AT&T did not keep

Me : you and another rep today saw the discount I was promised and AT&T will still not honor it. I have no faith in AT&T anymore

Guillermo : My sincere apologies for all inconveniences Marcus.

Me : I need a supervisor to contact me, this is totally unacceptable.

Me : are you there>

Guillermo : Understood Sir.

Guillermo : Right now I'll connect you with my supervisor.

Me : ok

Guillermo : Please bear with me.

Me : ok

Guillermo : Thanks.

Monica : Marcus thanks for holding.

Me : ok

Me : So Guillermo was saying the credit AT&T promised will not be applied because I have too many credits on my account. Is that correct?

Monica : Marcus, please accept my apologies.

Monica : On this case we will add the offer for this current bill and I will call you tomorrow in order to closed your case with rest of the offer.

Monica : What time can I call you back?

Me : So does this mean I will be getting the $50 off for 12 months?

Monica : Yes, let me get this resolved by tomorrow.

Me : ok and I am central time and I can be reached after 8am till 4pm.

Me : The monthly credit can be applied to my wireless as an option.

Me : Just trying to work with you on this as well

Me : you still there?

Monica : Yes. I'm setting up the call back.

Me : ok

Monica : On this case the discount is for DTV account.

Me : ok

Monica : What time do you have right now?

Me : I am 11:01am

Monica : Perfect.

Monica : So I will call you tomorrow at 9:00 am.

Me : ok sounds good

Monica : Is that ok for you?

Me : yes

Monica : Perfect Marcus.

Monica : On this case is there anything else that I can assist you with before the call back?

Me : That will do it Monica, thanks for your help and look forward to talking to you tomorrow

Monica : My pleasure to have helped you.

Monica : Take care and have a great day Marcus.

Me : you too

Monica : Thank you for choosing AT&T. We appreciate your business!

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