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underground install out of easement

underground install out of easement

The locate company marked utility locates this past week in my neighborhood. The tech was still marking locates when i arrived home from work. I noticed he had a utility located across the back of my house under my patio which has never been located in past locates. I told the tech he must have located it incorrectly and he stated it was an ATT line. ATT has an easement on the opposite side of my house and across the front of my property but certainly not across the middle of my back yard and especially not under my patio 10' off the back of my house. Who do I contact to verify if there is an install there and if so get it relocated into the easement?

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Re: underground install out of easement

I reposted this in the ATT fiber internet forum since no reply here. No moderators have a comment in over 10 days? Is this forum as incompetent as ATT's installation crews?

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Re: underground install out of easement

Hi @Jyoung1119,


Just to clarify, The Community Lounge is really only a space for Forum users to talk to each other - this board is not regularly monitored by ATTCares.


I see that ATTCares did respond to the issue you posted to our AT&T Fiber Installation support board:

underground install out of easement. I hope their information was helpful.



If you need additional support, you can reply to ATTCares, on that thread.


The AT&T Community Team

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