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Re: how to add PM to profile


how to do I add the "message me" option to my profile?

How do I add the box "message me" to my profile so someone can private message me?

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‎06-30-2017 12:40 PM

Re: how to add PM to profile



Are you talking about on this website? If so, then you already have it enabled. You just can't see it since you're viewing yourself. I can see "Send PM" under your profile when I click on it Smiley Happy.

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Re: how to add PM to profile

thanks for the responce.

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Re: how to add PM to profile

I am kinda curious how one adds the information for contacting att care, and other general messages at the end of ones posting without having to manually type it in every time.


(i think they are called taglines, or something like that.)

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Re: how to add PM to profile

Hello Tigereyze209,


To add a signature line, open your profile page and go to Personal Profile > Personal Information > Signature.  Since the signature box is rather small you should compose the content in notepad or Word and then paste it there.


If you wish to have live links, open any forum messaging editor and compose your signature there adding the appropriate links.  When satisfied, click the HTML tab and copy the HTML code which can be pasted into the signature box.  Don't forget to delete or cancel the message.


Before exiting the Personal Information page, be sure to click Save at the bottom.


Hope that helps.





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Re: how to add PM to profile

Thank you very much, mr. phil. 


Pardon my shock at seeing your message, just don't think i've ever seen a post from you outside of editing posts that did not meet the guidelines.


Nice to know, you are a real person. And the information looks very helpful.


Again, my thanks.


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