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Leadership Applications of Management Functions


Leadership Applications of Management Functions

Good Afternoon,


I'm an active duty military member enrolled at Excelsior College. I am taking a Business Management course and would like to do my final report on AT&T Inc. As a shareholder, I follow the company fairly well, but I cannot find many articles about leadership other than biographies of the executives. I am interested in learning about how management/leadership, across all levels, apply management practices in relation to basic managerial functions (Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling). Any details about the structure and reporting of management at AT&T would be very helpful as well. I'm sure this is a long shot, but any help, references, or contact information available would be extremely appreciated.




Gary Bauer 

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Re: Leadership Applications of Management Functions

Hi @GaryBauer,


While I don't have an immediate contact - you might find some helpful information from either our Leadership Insights videos or from our one of our Media Contacts. Hope this helps and good luck on your report!



The AT&T Community Team


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