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Why send no-reply email messages?

Why send no-reply email messages?

If AT&T is concerned about your customers, why do you send email messages to us from a “no-reply” email address? Email is obviously a good way to communicate. That’s why you sent the message. Please provide us with the same respect and courtesy. 

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Re: Why send no-reply email messages?

the no reply messages are usually informational or telling you to call a number and no response is necessary and are sent out to 100s of thousands of customers at one time, the email servers would most likely crash due to overwhelming number of replies.

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Re: Why send no-reply email messages?

Thank you so much for the reply. However, in my experience since the mid-1990s of sending of 80,000 to 120,000 monthly email messages to the customers of my employer, while we received many hundreds of replies, there was never an issue an email servers not being able to handle the load of replies. The issue was having enough trained staff to respond to our customers. We cared enough to read, and respond when appropriate, to every message. I've always viewed AT&T as an exceptional organization and strongly believe that in order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, AT&T should continue to look for as many ways to receive feedback from the people she (AT&T) serves.

While I do believe ALL email messages from AT&T should have valid reply email address for systematic or staff review, the email message I received which prompted my post was personalized to me because I earned my first Badge by signing up for the AT&T Forum/Community. Obviously, I'm fine with sharing some concerns with the Community, but sometimes, I may want to easily communicate, in reply, with AT&T without airing the communication with this wonderful Community. The whole point of my first post to the forum is about spam telephone calls, like the telephone call I just received from "Invalid Number". AT&T should work diligently to offer solutions to customers that allow customers to know who, by authentication processes, who is calling/emailing. Knowing who is calling is like knowing who is sending me email messages. Please don't use a technology to communicate with me without offering me the same technology to easily reply.


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Re: Why send no-reply email messages?

There are many organizations that send out no-reply emails as informational, advertisements, or just plain spam. None of this expect a reply which is why they are sent that way.  IMO, for all practical purposes, it's all spam.


Just because it was from att and "personalized" to you has absolutely nothing to do with posting on these forums.   It's getting that info because your are currently a paying customer to att.


As for spam telephone calls.  That's an never ending battle with no end in site.  With sites and apps to spoof telephone names and numbers in most cases it's impossible to tell what is legit and what is not.  The telephone companies and the FCC cannot stop them ("Do not Call" is a useless joke).*  This is why land line call blocker devices (I use one of those), sites like NoMoRobo, and blocker apps for mobile devices too have come into existence.



* I think I read once upon a time that the FCC requires telephone companies to pass all calls through.  But I just read that (possible?) legislation is in the works to allow telephone companies to block invalid numbers, area codes, unknown caller names, and stuff that can explicitly be identified as invalid (for an extra cost).  That will help somewhat but I don't see that stopping fully spoofed names and legitimate looking numbers.  So the spammers will just work around the obstacles.

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Why send no-reply email messages?

Wow, Ace - Master! Yours is an awesome reply! If any reader doubts the value of this forum, believe me, having this contributor in the community is a treasure. The leads in the article that Ace - Master linked to (spoof Caller IDs may soon be blocked) can provide us with information and ideas to develop a roadmap to hopefully help influence the powers-that-be to do more for the consumers. My hope is that soon telecommunication networks be enhanced to include authentication processes so that when a call or email arrives, we can either know the name of the sender, or when appropriate (or anonymous) the carrier knows the sender, and bad behavior becomes worthless or costly.

Thanks again, Ace!




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Re: Why send no-reply email messages?

They don't want to be bothered with customers, once you sign the contract!!

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Re: Why send no-reply email messages?


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Re: Why send no-reply email messages?

Yes I got a call from a number and Anthony. The specialist did leave his extension so that’s it one call and I can’t call back. Fraud. They just want to document something. They scammed me out of a BOGO


Ava Langel

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Re: Re: Why send no-reply email messages?

Good morning @Avalangel,

I have made the adjustment to your account as promised.  A formal complaint has also been file as per your request.

I apologize for the situation and hope you have a great week.

Anthony, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Re: Why send no-reply email messages?

'My hope is that soon telecommunication networks be enhanced to include authentication processes so that when a call or email arrives, we can either know the name of the sender, or when appropriate (or anonymous) the carrier knows the sender, and bad behavior becomes worthless or costly.'

By design, email can be anonymous: sent via the SMTP protocol, or the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This has nothing to do with the (AT&T) carrier, or any telecommunication networks.


Btw., only after you've posted the link it has become apparent what you're after. Quite possibly, there is a caller-id service which can still display the incoming number, even if blocked. The problem with these robocalls is that they're forwarded via Internet, or somewhere else.

P.S. Anyway, email spam should really not be a problem - as it can be marked as spam, by the sender (and /or the subject, too) and /or also filtered - according to the sender, for example..Smiley Wink Smiley Happy

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Re: Re: Why send no-reply email messages?

LOL, on the surface that is true......it is......or perceived by valued customers.........In my corp we have the same thing......because a reply to these would cause chaos and open tickets never closing and no where for them to go unless staff manually attaches to ticket file...SO............the cos. want you to respond or re-open  a new ticket of your additional query.  Hitting reply works for your mom's emailed casserole recipe but alot of these are automated, quickly handled and need results, etc. close them down............But yes, technically, they shoot to resolve your issue in whatever email answer they give you, and sure s you know...HOPE you are ok and hapy nd leave it be, you're happy...............Even more of this has been going on as payroll, staff, brick/mortar etc etc of exhausting paper intensive customer service centers are for the old days.......As a customer, do I want to open a new ticket in response to a vgue, lame or insufficent message to me resolving little? Heck to the NO....as a corp exec.....yes please accept our standard somewhat maybe god answer, be happy, let it go, don't gripe back, we so busy and get no additional income and revenue for the co if we keep getting replies to stuff needin to close out and move on....It's just True.


I'm Fonda and I'm a dept Head of a commercial retail Credit Union  & Bank/Investments.& Securities in Watts, Ca

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