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Veterans, Free Roaming in Mexico, Basketball Data, New Devices, “You Love It”, Tell Me Something Good

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We’re proud to support our veterans every day, especially Veteran’s Day earlier this week. And what better way to celebrate Veteran’s Day than to flash-fund projects listed by teachers at military-connected school districts? We’ve also continued to work with Cell Phones for Soldiers; employees volunteered at veterans’ homeless shelters, and we’re donating 600 calling cards and a year of AT&T service to veterans living at the shelters. For more information about these efforts, click on the link above.


Free Roaming in Mexico

Starting today, all Mobile Share Value customers qualify for AT&T Mexico Roaming Bonus at no monthly recurring charge. This means you’ll be able to “receive unlimited texting to anywhere in the world and unlimited talk within Mexico and from Mexico to the United States. In addition to these talk and text features, we’re giving you 1GB of data to use while in Mexico (overage $20/GB).” Check out the link for more details.


Basketball Data

It’s always neat to see how much data is used at big events like pro basketball’s home opener. And the results are in! More than 3.1 TB of data was used across 24 arenas. That’s a lot of selfie uploads. Click on the link to check out more data usage stats.


New Devices

It wouldn’t be a Friday Fix without new device announcements!

iPad Pro: http://about.att.com/story/offer_ipad_pro.html


“You Love It”

Becky G fans, listen up! You could win an exclusive VIP experience with the singer-songwriter rapper this fall! Simply record and upload your rendition of Becky G’s You Love It to Twitter. Make sure to tag @ATTLatino and use the hashtags #ATTBeckyGCover and #Contest, and you could win a trip to meet Becky G in person! For more information and official rules, click on the link above.


Tell Me Something Good

We love hearing about your positive experiences with AT&T, especially when it’s a positive experience right here on our community forums! @ChavaPitLong thanks for being a part of our community: https://forums.att.com/t5/Community-Blog/Uber-New-Devices-WiFi-Calling-The-Walking-Dead-Tell-Me-Some....


Here is also a good one from @CJHernandez: https://forums.att.com/t5/Wireless-Billing/I-just-wanted-to-say-Thank-You/td-p/4341412.


That’s it for this week’s Fix! Check back next week for more stories and news articles. Share your comments below!

Does ATT ever respond to PMs?? I have been waiting over a month to get my cable line buried.
Community Manager

Hello @Virgokc02


I checked your case and it's currently being investigated. You will hear back from one of our managers as soon as possible.




That would be great to hear from someone

Thank you

how come we signed up for a 2Gig shared plan and the order was changed after placement? there seems to be fraud going on and being a senior citizen, i get no respect or straight answers from anyone in customer service. something has changed with ATT. we've been loyal customers for over ten years all the way back to Cingular. Looks like it's time for a more morally based company.

Community Manager

Hello @sipplecarr


You can definitely get a 2GB plan, and our team will be happy to help you with that! Please send us a private message by clicking here. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,



I just recieved an email from AT&T to change my "passcode" for improved security. I tried using  something other than just numbers but it will not allow that, only numbers, yet it is suggested to not use your SS # (why anybody uses that is beyond me) or your birth date. You know, something really hard. How can you create a really hard passcode with only 4 to 8 numbers. I got frustrated and used my 4 digit door number. That will be safe I'm sure.

Are you serious!?

I still never heard from anyone. I called and it was promised to be fixed by the 17th and it's not!
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