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Securing Clouds, Connected Health, Smart City, Real World Problems, Tune In, Community Recognition

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Securing Clouds

The cloud offers so many opportunities for businesses, but security concerns cause some hesitation. So how do we tackle the question of cybersecurity in the cloud? Click on the link above to learn more.


Connected Health

Connected health is an exciting new field, and we’re excited to have talented people like biomedical engineer Mohamed Elmahdy working to develop hardware solutions for medical devices. For more on this story, click on the link above.


Smart City

Healthcare is not the only field that will benefit from connected technology. The idea of “smart cities” is beginning to emerge as cities across the US roll out connected solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and improve quality of life. For the full article, click on the link above.


Solving Real World Problems

So where do most of these innovative ideas originate? Well, the AT&T Foundry is one such place. Check out this exclusive interview with Carl Bedingfield, an Innovation Coach at the Foundry in Atlanta. To view the article, click on the link.


Tune In!

Don’t forget to tune in to our Customer Care channel on YouTube for helpful tips and information!


Community Recognition


Congratulations to @spoom2, whose Accepted Solution is now appearing with Use Call Waiting on att.com.  And thanks, @JJ73Sr for asking the question!

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