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Samsung Galaxy S8, #TagYourHalf, AT&T and Aira, AT&T Foundry and Georgia Tech, Tune In

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Technology has certainly come a long way in a short amount of time. Just think back to your very first cell phone….and then take a look at the phone you have now. Amazing, isn’t it? As our network grows and improves, so do the devices available. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be among the first devices able to take advantage of faster wireless speeds on AT&T’s 5G network. For more information, click on the link above.



Sometimes we need our loved ones to help keep us accountable for the choices we make. Let’s work together to keep each other safe behind the wheel. Driving while distracted is dangerous, so use #TagYourHalf on social media to remind your friends and family to put their phones away when driving. Take the pledge at ItCanWait.com or click on the link above for more information.


AT&T and Aira

Technology has the power to help in so many areas. AT&T and Aira teamed up to create a solution for Boston Marathon runner Erich Manser. Manser, who has a degenerative disease that has left him partially blind, ran with Aira glasses connected to AT&T. These glasses enabled him to run the marathon with the help of a remote human agent. For more on this story, click on the link above.  


AT&T Foundry and Georgia Tech

The AT&T Foundry is all about innovation, so it’s really no surprise that it is a large part of “the creative dialog at Tech Square.” This is where ideas and endless possibilities for real-world applications of connected technology are born. For more on the AT&T Foundry, click on the link above.


Tune In!

Don’t forget to tune in to our Customer Care channel on YouTube for helpful tips and information!


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