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Reach for the Stars!

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Would you rather stay at a 5 star hotel or a 1 star hotel? How about a choice between a 5 star restaurant and a 3 star restaurant?


Chances are, you’ve seen star ratings before and used them to gauge the quality of an experience. The same goes for posts here on the forums!


Was there a particularly helpful post that you think others would benefit from? Give it five stars!


Conversely, if you see a post that isn’t quite so helpful, you can give it one star.


Any posts that fall in between can be awarded 2, 3, or 4 stars.



Essentially, the star-rating system was created so that users can help each other out. By rating content, you can make sure that helpful posts are easier to find when you search for a particular topic.


So the next time you see a really helpful, informative post, reach for the stars!


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I am giving this post 5 stars!

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