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Pushing Boundaries, Smart Farming, LTE-M Network, Hurricane Season, Tune In, Community Recognition

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Pushing Boundaries

When it comes to pushing boundaries and encouraging innovation, the AT&T Foundry is the place to be. The Foundry boasts an open-concept layout to encourage collaboration and idea-sharing. For more on what it’s like to work at the Foundry, click on the link to check out this interview with Foundry Director Antoine Diffloth.


Smart Farming

IoT in agriculture can help solve some big issues. For example, smart irrigation could greatly reduce the amount of water waste that occurs. For more on this story, click on the link above.


LTE-M Network

With more and more connected devices and huge advancements in IoT tech, network improvements and expansion are increasingly important. That’s why AT&T is pleased to share that it has completed deployment of its LTE-M network ahead of schedule. For more details, click on the link above.


Hurricane Season

Hurricane season fast approaches, and AT&T’s Network Disaster Recovery team is hard at work preparing to keep everyone connected and safe. From COLTs to flying COWs, they’ve got the tools to weather the storm. For more information, click on the link above.


Tune In!

Don’t forget to tune in to our Customer Care channel on YouTube for helpful tips and information!


Community Recognition


Congratulations to these Accepted Solution authors whose genius is now appearing on att.com!


@ejg1976, whose solution is appearing on Voicemail Asks for 10-Digital Voicemail Box Number

@Brewin4u, whose solution is appearing on Print Download Locker content using Desktop app.  And thanks, @saspelman, for asking the question!


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Congratulations to our highest-posting non-ACE, non-employee authors this week!


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