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November 2018 ACE of the Month - bcbsncjlj

Community Manager

Congratulations to @bcbsncjlj, our November, 2018 ACE of the Month!   joined the community February 17, 2017.  He's authored 247 Accepted Solutions and received 977 kudos... and counting!


Here is your chance to learn a little bit more about 


1. bcbsncjlj is a very unusual user name, is there a hidden meaning or a cool story behind it?

I retired from a major health care company in the south. I added the initials from my name to the end of the company call letters. I have used this id since the beginning of my career.


2. You joined the Community in January of 2017. What brought you here and what makes you come back almost every day?

Honestly it was the early adopters subscription price of $35. I had previously been using a competitor streaming service (and still do).


3. On a related note, you have almost 10600 posts, almost 1000 Kudos and over 250 accepted solutions. Where does all that knowledge and wisdom come from?

My background is in IT. Retired with 38 years in the business. Some knowledge from experience but I have learn a lot from other mentors by following the forums. There are a lot of knowledgeable and talented peers located here.


4. You're one of this Community's greatest DIRECTV NOW experts. What do you like best about DIRECTV NOW?

I definitely would not call myself a expert. DirecTV Now has been a challenging and eventful experience (and continues to be). The service is growing and improving from its initial offering. I see promising things for the service in the future.



5. What do you do when you're not hanging around the community?

Being retired I travel a lot on the east and west coasts. As I visit new (and returning) areas I love to walk and participate in low keyed 5K events. Traveling also allows me to test out the DirecTV Now service performance from hotels and resorts (nice to have the new travel options for locals - sometimes it works and sometimes not).


 6. You have mentioned to me that you travel a lot. What are some of your favorite travel destinations? Do you have any travel advice?

I love San Diego and Seattle area on the west coast. Also Phoenix, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I must admit that I do not go out west as much as I should. My east coast travels are usually from the Virginia Beach area to Hilton Head. My advice to all is just to DO IT! Quit talking about. Time will catch up to you and it will be to late.


7. It is the season. Any special holiday plans?

Nothing special. Just time with family and enjoy the times together.


8. You obviously love tech. Which are your personal wireless devices, and what do you like about them?

I have them all - Roku, Fire stick and TV, ATV4K, iPad, Android, smart tv, and Fire HD (although we have to side load the app). Having the time at this point in my life gives me the opportunity to explore options with the devices.


9. What advice do you have for new Community members?

Explore the forum before you ask questions. Provide information (we can not help when all you say is IT DOES NOT WORK). Lot of solutions have been solved by community members.


10. Anything else you would like to add?

AT&T/DirecTV Now just needs to communicate more to its subscribers. We are always left to the dark when things occur and you know its happening. Share with us and we will respond positively (at least most of us).

Former Employee

So neat, @bcbsncjlj!


Joining the community is not for nothing. Just want to contribute small force to community development

Not applicable


thanks so much for taking up all this time to help people out. God bless you!

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