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March 2016 ACE of the Month - LizDance40!

Former Employee

Congratulations to @lizdance40, our March 2016 ACE of the Month!


LizDance40.....cha-cha, moon walk, disco? How'd you get that name?


I started taking ballroom dance lessons 16 years ago , became obsessed and rather good at it. Since I get to pick my photo, I am going with a glamor shot from one of my comps. I can't afford it anymore, but I still have the dress, with all the stones, it weighs 12 pounds. The man is my teacher and pro-am partner.


You joined the community on February 20, 2014 and have posted more than 11k times! In your October, 2015 data management blog, you told us you were a busy dog trainer. Can you share a few time management tips and tricks?

Men and dogs....Both are managed with food and other positive reinforcement. Ignore the bad behavior and gush over the good. Also make sure they get enough outside run around time, preferably behind a lawn mower. (I am still trying to figure out how to get my dogs to do that one.)


You have 304 Accepted Solutions with more than 280k views. How'd you get so smart?


Lots of reading, and previous mistakes. (Gotta love the Google!)


What's the best movie you've seen or the best book you've read recently? 

I haven't read or seen anything great recently, so I will fall back on favorites. I could watch "Secondhand Lions" again and again. Love it and see something new each time. I have been re-reading "Don't Dump the Dog" by Randy Grim because it makes me laugh out loud and feel superior to the many lousy dog owners out there.


Which wireless device is your personal favorite, and why?


That's a loaded question, because I can't pick just one. I recently purchased a Nexus 6p and it is a powerful, beautiful smartphone. I still have a soft spot for the handsome, but diminutive Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which is my second line and walking phone. My son bought me a Zenwatch 2 for Christmas - very cool! And I use my iPad so much, I treated myself to a new one in December. Ask me again in a month and the list may be different (it was last month).


When you're not hanging out in the community, what do you do for fun?

Vacuum, and let the dogs out, and in and out... I still dance a little for fun. Garden (aka weed management) in the summer. Try to stay off eBay in the winter.


If you could tell new users in the community one thing, what would it be?

Don't be afraid to ask questions and learn from others. I have learned a TON from @GLIMMERMAN76, and many others.


If the community were a dog, which breed would it be?

A mixed breed of course. The best kind, a bit of this and that, not perfect, quirky.


What do you see wireless communication being like in 10 years?
We will all have D!ck Tracy wrist communicators or talking fish.


Which are your Top 10 Topics?


Data Management
Unlock GoPhone
Update Carrier
Unlimited Data
Suspended Account




Thanks, @lizdance40, for being our March 2016 ACE of the Month!

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