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Hurricane Harvey, Aira, Blackberry, Tune In, Community Recognition

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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has already had a devastating impact. Click on the link above to keep track of our live updates and response information.



Last week, we introduced you to James Boehm. See how Aira helped him experience last week’s eclipse in spite of his blindness. Click on the link above to learn more.



Blackberry is back! Starting 9/1, business customers will be able to purchase the all-new BlackBerry KEYone. For more information on the new phone’s specs and pricing, click on the link above.


Tune In!

Don’t forget to tune in to our Customer Care channel on YouTube for helpful tips and information!


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Even though A&T is trying why can't they do more for us in Texas than just free days, we should get no monthly bill this month coming up or a 50% or more off the bill. We have damaged homes and property and high deductibles and short on food in stores and no electricity and can't drink water and your calls keep getting stopped so family have a hard time checking when they are worried and that's all u offer after years of loyalty 

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