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Friday Fix! Pre-Order New Apple Products on Sept 13 (9/12/19)

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Welcome to the weekly Friday Fix! Check out this week's top stories and Community Recognition below:


New Apple Products for Pre-Order Sept 13
The Most Powerful and Advanced Smartphones — iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max — and All New Dual Camera iPhone 11, Available to Pre-Order from AT&T on Friday, September 13


AT&T Enhances Safety in the Hospitality Industry
Working with the hospitality industry to address a critical need with Internet of Things technology


From Next-Gen to Now: SDN, White Box and Open Source Go Mainstream


FirstNet Helps Coordinate Hurricane Response
Public Safety Spotlight: FirstNet Delivers for Agencies Responding to Hurricane Dorian


Delivering On Our SDN Promise: 75% of AT&T’s MPLS Tunnel Data Traffic Now Under SDN Control
Designing and building a highway with state-of-the-art traffic management tools, lighting systems and maintenance capabilities is a heck of an achievement. But it doesn’t mean much until you open it up to cars and trucks and semis.


AT&T reaches new milestone in unlocking RAN, makes world’s first eCPRI call for millimeter wave
Our millimeter wave (mmWave) introduction in 21 cities and counting is bringing ultra-fast connections to businesses across the country. And a connection we made last week in Redmond, WA will potentially enable us to expand those mmWave deployments faster and more efficiently.


AT&T Tech Deals
We’re always looking to bring you the best devices and services at prices you’ll love. Check out our latest deals below or go to att.com/deals for more info


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Thanks everyone, see you next week!

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I have placed an order and I am waiting for the product to be experienced. I am really looking forward to it



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