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Friday Fix! Our Holiday Gift Guide, Small Business Saturday, Awards and other news...(11/24/17)

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Welcome to the weekly Friday Fix! Check out this week's top stories, Community Recognition and a bonus Community Tip below:


Make Your Holiday Wish List and Check it Twice, Because AT&T Has Something for Everyone at Just the ...
AT&T is decking the halls with a list of the top tech gifts this season. See the list here!


AT&T News Conference to Respond to DOJ Challenge to Time Warner Merger
And What Others Are Saying


Stevie® Awards Honor 5 AT&T Women Leaders
5 Female AT&T Leaders Took Home Stevie® Awards for Women in Business


Stream on the DIRECTV App this holiday season and DIRECTV will donate a meal to someone in need
Now through Dec. 31, DIRECTV will donate a meal to Feeding America for each customer who streams a show or movie using the DIRECTV app or on directv.com.


Are You Ready for Small Business Saturday?
Small Business Saturday is having a moment. Are you ready?


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Congratulations to our highest-posting (non-ACE, non-employee) authors this week!


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Congratulations to our most kudo’ed (non-ACE, non-employee) users this week!


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Hi community, a quick tip for you today! Did you know that if you add a picture to your post (equipment, errors, account features) it can help other users to provide you with a better and quicker answer? And it's very easy to do (just please make sure there is no visible private information):


When composing your post, simply click on "Photos" and follow the instruction to upload and add a picture to your message. And while you're at it, feel free to explore other layout and editing options available to you.








Thanks everyone, see you next week!


@ATTDmitriyCM Hello maybe you could do us a favor and check out the thread started by @RD_S666 we and others are having a problem reported in that thread and can't seem to get any answers from AT&T. This problem we are having has been going on for three months now (for me) and AT&T is going to lose many customers because AT&T is not resolving the issue.


Does the ROKU Streaming Stick work only with DirecTV

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