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Friday Fix! New Tech Deals, Personal Blogs, Security Tips and more... (03/17/18)

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 Welcome to the weekly Friday Fix! Check out this week's top stories and Community Recognition below:


AT&T Tech Deals
We’re always looking to bring you the best devices and services at prices you’ll love. Check out our latest deals below or go to att.com/deals for more info.



How I Prep for Game Day: College Basketball
As part of the AT&T “How I Prep for Game Day” series, learn how Mizzou, OU and Purdue fans use their own unique traditions to celebrate their school and prepare for Game Day.


Meet a Data Scientist Defying the Odds and Closing the STEM Gap
By Sydeaka Watson


Dancing into the Madness
By Madee McGill


Paint Crew Pours It On for Purdue
By Michael Wood

How AT&T's Smart Watering is Making Waves
Learn how AT&T is helping several companies connect irrigation systems that regulate water on farms and public spaces by using AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) technology to detect moisture levels using AT&T Smart Irrigation.


Wary of Online Crime? Check Out Cyber Aware
AT&T has launched Cyber Aware, a website to help you learn about email and text scams, spam, identity theft and learn to recognize and prevent cybersecurity threats.


Concept to Deployment: AT&T Pushes Forward with Open ROADM and Optical SDN Implementations
We’ve talked several times on the blog about rethinking how we manage and transport the huge data loads flowing within a city and from one city to another. These data flows run on our most high-capacity fiber optic lines using laser light. But we need to make these systems more efficient and interoperable as data demand continues to grow…


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