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Friday Fix! New Movies and Shows, "It Can Wait", AT&T México is a Great Place to Work! (04/27/18)

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Welcome to the weekly Friday Fix! Check out this week's top stories and Community Recognition below:


Accomplishment Recognized by U.S. Environmental Agency as AT&T Reaches Milestone of 100 Million ENERGY STAR Certified Set-top Boxes Installed


AT&T México is a Great Place to Work for the 3rd year
As a result of its multiple programs and policies for the development of its work team, AT&T is the #5 company in the category of more than 5 thousand employees.


Leading Change for Gender Equality
What a difference a year makes.


GOTCHA: From stay-at-home mom to data scientist detecting bad guys
AT&T’s Melissa Lee shares her journey of becoming a senior data analyst who works to identify intrusion attempts, malware and malicious activity.


"For your most kind gesture, I promise you a $10 million reward."
Faraday Okoro, Antonio Bell, Chinaza Ache and Tina Mba discuss their experiences working on the AT&T Untold Stories winning film Nigerian Prince and the inspiration behind the film.


No Distraction is Worth a Future
Our It Can Wait campaign is making sure everyone hears the message loud and clear during Distracted Driving Awareness Month: No distraction is worth a future.


AT&T Presents the DIRECTV CINEMA Screening of ‘Woman Walks Ahead’ Starring Golden Globe Award-winner...
The DIRECTV CINEMA exclusive film “Woman Walks Ahead” will be screened on April 25 as part of the AT&T Gala Event at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York.


AT&T and CitySwitch Sign Deal for Building and Leasing New Cell Towers Beginning in 2018
AT&T* and CitySwitch signed an agreement for building new cell towers to-suit based on future wireless network needs. CitySwitch will begin tower construction plans as early as the second half of 2018 and will lease completed sites to AT&T.


AT&T Tech Deals
We’re always looking to bring you the best devices and services at prices you’ll love. Check out our latest deals below or go to att.com/deals for more info.


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