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Friday Fix: Comic-Con, It Can Wait, ShotSpotter, 8.1, Live Proud, Art

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It’s that time again! From Comic-Con to contemporary art, we’ve got lots of interesting stories to share.



Is my geek showing? It doesn’t get much more nerd-tastic than Comic-Con international, and thousands of dedicated fans flock to this convention every year. Needless to say, this much geekery happening in one place can mean quite the strain on the network, which is why AT&T stepped in to make network improvements at the San Diego Convention Center. After all, what good is an awesome cosplay if you can’t share your epic pictures on social media? Click on the link to read more about AT&T’s role in keeping Comic-Con attendees connected!


It Can Wait

Every year, too many car accidents are attributed to texting while driving. The It Can Wait campaign was designed to promote responsible driving practices and increase awareness of the dangers of texting while driving. Going forward, we have big plans for this campaign, including the implementation of a new social tool. To find out more about how you can do your part to prevent these tragedies, click on the link above!



Illegal gunfire often goes unreported. Thanks to some really cool new tech, though, that’s about to change. Together with AT&T’s wireless services, ShotSpotter can help detect and report illegal gunfire in real time. It might sound like something out of a futuristic TV crime series, but it’s very real technology that could help significantly decrease gun violence. Check out the full article to learn more!


Windows Software Update

Good news! Earlier this week, Windows Phone 8.1 was released for the Nokia Lumia 925 and the Nokia Lumia 520. Click on the link to find out more about the update and the improvements it brings!


Live Proud

Adam Lambert fans, check it out! Here’s your chance to meet Adam in New York while empowering the LGBT community through our Live Proud campaign! Simply create a unique meme that represents how you “Live Proud,” and share the meme on social media. For more details about how you can submit your entry, click on the link.



Just because we live in a world that seems to revolve around technology doesn’t mean that art has lost its place in our lives as a source of inspiration and beauty. In fact, technology now makes it easier than ever to find out about local artists and art festivals as well as museums and gallery exhibits. Click on the link to read more about one contributor’s experience discovering art in our modern world.



And that’s all for this week, folks! Stay tuned for next week’s Fix. If any of these articles were particularly interesting, let us know in the comments!

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