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Friday Fix: #BacktoSchoolJitters, Windows Phone 8.1 Update, Budgeting, #X, Robots, Autism and Technology

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Another week, another Friday Fix!


Apps to Beat #BacktoSchoolJitters

The lazy hazy days of summer are drifting by, and it’s that time of year when parents, teachers, and students are prepping to return to school. Don’t sweat it! Check out these cool apps that will help you wake up and sound smart, manage your classes and/or your students, or even help keep your family organized at home.  This year, make it a smooth transition back to school, and check out the article for innovative apps to help make life easier!



Good news! Yesterday, Windows Phone 8.1 was released for the Nokia Lumia 1020. Click on the link to find out more about the update!


Budgeting Tools

Even if you are the best accountant or financial consultant you might still need a little help with a budget. Keeping it real, there are many of us that would be amazed at how maintaining a budget can keep us on track! Whether you need the help or not, this interesting article shares how apps helped an up and coming actress and millennial learns how to control her finances.  For those of us with caviar tastes and hot dog budgets, budgeting tools that we can access on-the-go from our mobile devices are super helpful. Oh, the miracles of technology! What are your favorite money management apps? Let us know in the comments below!



Help make #X a social media norm and potentially life-saving tool. Simply post #X to let your friends and family on social media know that you’re about to get behind the wheel and won’t be texting or checking your phone. All the cool kids are doing it. Even Demi Lovato. Click on the link to check out what she has to say about #X, and do your part to help prevent accidents caused by distracted driving.


Robot Cleaners

Remember Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons? Well, Intellibot Robotics LLC has just come out with something similar! Though not nearly as endearingly personable, these commercial floor cleaners are just one more step towards the future. For a demo of this cool technology, click on the link!


Autism: Making a Connection with Technology

Coping with autism can be a challenge, but one family found a way to connect with their autistic son through technology. Justin, once unable to share his emotions and communicate effectively with his family, now uses mobile apps, text messaging, and other features to get his point across. To read more of Justin’s story, click on the link above.


That’s it for this week’s Fix! Stay tuned for more news and interesting stories next week.

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