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Foundry Intern

Get an inside look at the AT&T Foundry through the eyes of a Foundry intern! Camden Krupala shares 7 tips to a successful internship based on his intern experience. For the full story, click on the link above.


Foundry and TUMI

How great would it be if we could track our luggage anywhere we went? Well that’s exactly why we partnered with TUMI in 2015. Those collaborative efforts paid off with the launch of “TUMI Global Locator” this week. For more on this story, click on the link above.


Tune In!

Don’t forget to tune in to our Customer Care channel on YouTube for helpful tips and information!

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Direct TV Customer service has gone to the dogs since AT&T bought the company. I have been a Direct TV customer for 20 years and always felt DTV was the best! Now horrible service (it took me 5 hrs over 4 phone calls to correct overheating receiver this month ) and then they jacked up my bill!! For nothing!! All so frustrating and they just send you in circles with reps that have no power to fix anything

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