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Extreme Community Makeover: AT&T Edition

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The Key to Everything Good: Explore


You’ll notice there’s now a blue button labeled “Explore.”




Use “Explore” to navigate through the different boards in the community. Looking for the U-verse boards? Click “Explore!” Want to read the latest news and announcements on the blog? Click “Explore!” Feeling lost and need to get back to the home page? Click “Explore!” Explore, explore, explore - you get the idea!


Getting Started


Take the Tour!   You’ll see “Begin Tour” at the top of the home page. Enjoy!




Who Needs an Answer? Anyone? Anyone?


Answers are easier to find now. An answer to a question is right below the original question, regardless of other posts in the thread:




Before we forget – avatars!


If you’re already a registered user, your avatar may be missing. If you uploaded a custom avatar, or if you chose one of the AT&T avatars – you’re fine. If you let the community generate an avatar for you, it did not transfer over.   We’re sorry! You’ll have to upload a new one. But hey – maybe it’s time for a new look anyway? To upload your avatar, Log in, then select your user name near the top right corner. In “My Info,” select “Edit Avatar.” 


Missing something?


Yes, the ConnecTech board has been retired. If you have any questions about your products or services, please post in the Wireless, U-verse or DSL/Internet categories.


My Activity


The easiest way to keep track of your posts and contributions is by clicking on the “My Activity” tab on the homepage.




Favorite Forums


Now you can customize what posts you see on the home page when you log in! Simply click on your profile. Next, click on “My Info” and scroll down until you see “Favorite Forums.” You can then click “Edit” and select your favorite categories.




From your homepage, you can click on the "Favorite Forums" tab to view posts from your favorite categories.




Now what?


As always, ATTDmitriyCM and I are available to answer any questions you might have about the redesigned community, so give us a shout if you need help! To get to your Private Messages, select your user name near the top right corner, followed by “Messages.”


Enjoy the new and improved community forums!

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