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Meet Karry and Keeten! You'll see them posting in the Digital Life board as .

Hello, everyone! My name is Karry, and I’m your newest Digital Life Community Specialist.

“Digital Life Community Specialist” is a professional way of saying that I’m here to support you with all your Digital Life needs! I know you’ll find that this community is the best resource for anyone seeking Digital Life help or advice.
It’s not surprising that with my background in Digital Life Support, I love troubleshooting, testing, and seeing what our home automation system can do.

A few random facts about me:

I am a coffee enthusiast! I have 3 crazy and amazing kids; hence, my love of coffee. I also love traveling and hope to visit all 50 states. I am an East Coaster. I grew up in New Jersey, moved to New England (Go Sox!), and now live in Atlanta.

So here I am, coming to you live from Atlanta, excited to dive in and join you in the Community Forums. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.



Hey everyone! My name is Keeten, and I’m one of Digital Life’s first Community Specialists. I began my journey with Digital Life in our service center where I learned tons of helpful tips and tricks for making the most out of Digital Life.

A little about me:
I attended The Ohio State University where I studied Broadcast Journalism and discovered my love for blogging. Blogging allows me to creatively express myself and share my knowledge with others. In addition to being a blogger, I am also a “sneakerhead.” I have a giant tennis shoe collection with shoes from 1990 to 2014. I enjoy sports, eating out, traveling and good music.

I’m thrilled to start our new forum and can’t wait to interact with all of you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any question or concerns. I'm here for you!

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I have been a Customer for about 1 month. My experience with the product has been very good. My experience with Customer support dismal. Have reported specific issues regarding product functionality. 1) you cannot reduce the volume on the keypad beeps as a user. If you call support they can only reudce to a "minimum" which is still loud. 2) arming the "away" function results in literally a sequence of I guess 15 beeps, at various intervals. I have requested 1 beep to acknowledge I depressed away button. Apparently, this cannot be done. Seems like a very simple fix for any web based service. I can only guess it is not a product priority so it gets ignored. Contacted billing and payments today. Held for over 10 minutes and gave up waiting for a person to answer. Then opened chat line which was answered rather immediately. I am a new Customer so I wanted to understand why my electronic bill payment was not received and I was receiving late payment emails. Annie R, represented herself as billing management. She was apparently happy to chat, but refused to call. Said it would take 36-48 hours to call. She can chat for whatever time it takes but not place a very quick call to resolve a simple issue? As I said, the product is good. The service level is very poor. I probably should have checked Digital Life blogs before I switched from my long time provider. Very disappointed. Digital Life is NOT becoming of the AT&T brand.


Hi, hope you can provide some insight into why changes to the both the online portal & the smartdevice app are causing so much trouble...things like not allowing live feeds from cameras for periods of time, not allowing videos to play.  The biggest problem is that now to export a video from a smart device, more steps are required.  Before you had the option from the actual Device Log video, now you must go to Archives & that doesn't always work.  Let me give an example, this morning I was on the phone with support & my online portal showed videos in archive that the smart device app did not...and there were alot missing from the smart device app.  Why would anyone approve a programming change that would make the user experience worse??  I cannot fathom that there would be a technical explanation for why changing it from exporting directly from the Device Log video, as before, would be a fix that would require the additional step to be added...and one that doesn't always work.  I have had 4 problems with video viewing and/or actually being able to even access a video in 2 days, that is a bad case of technical hiccups.

Please get someone in touch with me who can speak to the issues of why the programming changes that are being done to the app are pretty consistently not working well & are not taking user experience into consideration.


in future versions of the activity log, can you make it so we can see failed attempts at trying to open the keypad lock version of the door locks?  thanks

I am a long time DirecTV and AT&T u-verse customer. My living room window was busted out ,one week later I called and inquired about Digital Life security service my service was installed September 19th my fiance was attacked on my front porch October 10th after dealing with the police and informing them that I had security cameras I attempted to retrieve footage at that time I was unsuccessful, I notified Digital Life and was told my service has been offline (my cameras) since September 29th ....not only were my cameras ofline, there was not internet connection to them, also I was informed I still wouldnt have been able the see footage because the installation tech didnt program my system,therefore meaning I had an inproper installation. I'm now furious and want to discontinue my service I put my family's safety in their hands and they let me down. I'm being told you only have 14 days to cancel after installation my cameras went down 10 days after installation without any notification now I'm being locked into a contract that I do not wish to be in anymore. If you are considering this service I suggest you another company.

Hello -


You previosuly had an option of creating programs that would send an alert (Text, email) if any device had a low battery or the device was tampered with. For some strange reason someone decided this functionality was no longer necessary and removed this functionality from the site. Is there any way to create these alerts once again? 

By the way, I've been a customer for almost 2 years and it seems that the recent updates have been causing more probelms and issues than improving the experience. Someone is trying to make changes just for the sake of making them while breaking things that were working very well...


Thank you


 I was just assisted by Leaarion she was great on my thermostat issue. I have the service manager coming out to see why my heat is not turning on its a very expensive AC system and the heat worked prior to this digital life install.  Its been a bumpy transition with digital life.

Hoping for a good outcome tomorrow.  Leaarion has very good customer service skills training  and followup.  



II just had Digital Life installed yesterday. I have been Inundated with texts indicating movement near my motion detectors and cameras. 

Is there a way to reduce the camera and motion detector sensitivity ??



No. I don't think so. You tilt the camera so you don't get road traffic texts.

I love the texts. I get 50-75 per day.


Hi!My install was scheduled for between 8-12 today.Therefore ,i requested off from work so that I could be here.Which means I lost aprox.$150 today by not working.As well as,i scheduled a trip out of state for after I had the security installed.This reason being,we already had our property broken into.I wanted to be able to feel more secure by having the security.I waited patiently til 1:00 ,then I called to see if they could tell me aprox . what time they would make it to do the install.I was NOT happy to find out they weren't going to be able to do the install today.I felt it was extremely disrespectful not to be cosiderate of my time to have at least call me.I'm considering canceling and going with AD&T who actually offered a better deal anyways.I'm going to discuss it with my husband before I decide.


I purchased some additional Sercomm cameras to self install.  The question I have is related to connecting them to the DLC100.  Do I need to use a RP131 wifi POE adapters or can I connect them directly to my existing POE switch on my LAN?  I also noticed during my install that the controler has what looks like 5 or so ethernet ports inside the case. Can the cameras be wired to them and will it provide the 48v POE to the cameras or do I need power injectors to go this route?




Is there any way for a customer to reach the programming interface on the DCL100?  I purchased a second unit on e-bay to mess around with. I port scaned my provisioned unit and only see port 53 open on the lan.  I'm guessing that programming can only be done via the 3G interface. Might have to  see whats on the gpio pins. Smiley Happy This system has potential AT&T/Cisco... open it up a bit more so users can play!



I have decided to cancel the security system service and equipment with Digital Life and I expect not to be charged for any restocking fee due to the fact that the system is not working as advertised. I need a company in which I can rely on to protect my family. Thus far, I am very disappointed with the service your company is providing. I contacted your company in an effort to fix this problem. The person I talked to was trying unsuccessfully to help me in the process. In addition, she scheduled an appointment for a technician to come over to check the system. The appointment date was ridiculously far out. I expect this security matter a top priority for my family. I expected the security system to be working at a 100%. Therefore your company should be responding to our concerns immediately. I cannot trust a company that takes 3 weeks to send a technician to fix a security system. I am sure you understand our concerns in regards to this situation.


Installation date: 3/14/2016

Cancelled by phone: 3/26/2016

Appointment date: 4/3/2016

We switched from life shield to digital life and I have regretted that every day. We have had non stop issues. I tap our tablet to turn on or off the alarm and sometimes it will take several minutes to give us the option to turn off the alarm. Last week we had a repair man at our door and it took almost 10 minutes to let him in because the alarm would not turn off. Last Saturday it took 15 minutes to turn off the alarm for us to leave our home. Even tonight I have been on hold for over 40 minutes waiting for help to turn on our alarm to go to bed since their system is not working. Lately we have gone out without the alarm on since it's so hard to get it to turn on. You just stare at the tablet spinning to connect. It's horrible!!!! If you have not purchased it don't walk, run from this sevice!!! We were so happy with life shield but they were direct tvs alarm system but with direct tv and At&t merging they sent us a letter to switch over. I so wish we never switched.

I just got off the system with Kendra.  She was easy going and complete in the process to straighten out the problems in had.  It took us an hour to resolve the problems but she never pushed to hurry up on my part.  Just a great job on here part.

I am looking for AT&T to have the doorbell camera with voice communication. There is a company by the name of vivint that is a good competitive company. I am holdling
On because I truly believe in DL but if they can't catch up with the times unfortunately I will have to switch. Smiley Sad

Just off a call to Digital Life Customer service. Was fortunate to have my call answered by a man named Damiam V. He was very helpful and considerate. I was calling to challenge a charge to my account for "restoration" after failing to pay the bill on time. Been with ATT for many years dating back to long distance service.... Now have cell service, internet, home security, television etc. etc.  Thought that the company might consider me a "good customer" and give me a pass this one time. Damian was really nice and he agreed with me! What a refreshing experience and a small reward for years of loyalty!!  Thank you Damian V!  You're the man! Thank you, thank you! 


Where to begin...


I've had other alarm systems in the past, and thought I'd give Digital Life a try.


Installation was fine (though it took a bit longer than I expected [given that there are no wires to run anywhere]).


Tablet connect times are LONG (too long) - my $40 Raspberry Pi performs faster!


Then, I added the Garage Door module, and sat on hold for 20 minutes to get a "technician" to put the DCL into Discovery Mode (something that SHOULD be a part of the Settings on the tablet [IMHO]).


Have had no problems (so far), but it's only been a week...


Oh, WHY are there no RESPONSES from AT&T to these comments, questions and suggestions?


Speaking of suggestions, I concur with others who have opined for programmatic access to the system...  I mean, why SHOULDN'T I be able to be able to ask my OTHER systems (PCs, Macs, iOS devices, etc.) to do what I WANT, the way I want them to happen?


AND, if the DCL is connected to my home network, why shouldn't it be able to "see" my other IP (Web Cams) - providing a consolidated security system?


Oh well, we'll see how this goes...




What a weekend, my appointment was 30 June 2016, appoximately 8:00am I recieved the call the techician (Devin) was going to arrive soon, and soon he did arrive and quickly left saying he didn't have all the equipment and came back in about two (2) hours, when he arrived back he started to work, but recieved cell phone calls from his girl friend & a friend, I informed him the HVAC system was not working several times, at first it seemed he ignored me about the HVAC not working, finally he noticed it wasn't working or he remembered I had said it wasn't working. Devin, worked on the DIGITAL LIFE thermostat trying to get it to work for an hour or so, amitted he couldn't get it to work made a few phone calls, then he worked until about 5:00pm or 5:30pm, Said he called another person to come work on it, that they would be there around 6:00pm or 7:00 to fix the Thermostat, I had had to take my grand daughter to Lexington KY. to meet her mother, and her return to London, KY. while I was in Lexington at about 8:30pm my wife called me saying the tempature in the house was 78degrees, and no one had came to work on the HVAC related thermostat problem, I then proceeded to call DIGITAL LIFE telling them of the problem, and was told that I would have to wait until the next morning, Friday the 1st of JULY, I was transfered several times, being hung up on by several agents, when I asked for a "supervisor" and was told by what I believe was more than one (1) supervisor there was nothing they could do. In order to have HVAC overnight, I would just have to suffer overnight, I was not happy to say the least, I coninued to call and finally got a symapatic Supervisor and he would try to get a techician to come out, on my way back home my wife call and said someone had finally came (he was orinental) and worked on the HVAC System, and the tempiture in the house was 73degrees I arrived home appox 10:00pm our concren was that the Unit (HVAC) FAN was running, and it did so all night, the tempture in the morning was still 73degrees. I got up early called finally getting someone on the phone a man named Tim came and found the problem (Devin had not hooked the wiring to the thermostat correctly).


Hi.  I have had this service for six months now.  Yesterday I called cs to find out how to turn off my chime sound so I could manage it myself.  The CS agent said she could do it from her end, and I could in the future manage it from the app.  She was wrong because I cna't manage it from the app and she also screwed up and she also turned off my door sensors besides the charm which made my house vulnerable.  The only reason I figured this out was that when I entered the home the keypad wasn't beeping and my son noticed a couple days later-not goodi So, I called today waited 20 minutes and spoke to a good cs agent and he turned back on my sensors and then tried to figure out a way I could be able to control the chime sounds but he discovered that there isn't a way the user can turn them on or off or turn down the volume.  On my old ADT system that was over 10 years old I was able to turn the chime sound off on my door sensors anytime I wanted so I could temporarily monitor who is coming or going.  With this new system I don't have this feature.  VERY annoying, you think that a web based program you could adjust this feature and the volume of the chime and of the sound on the keypad.  But no!  Please fix this major flaw right away or I may be going elsewhere.  This technology isn't new and the user should be able to have control over volume and chime options.

Had some issue with the new key fob. At&t rep Amanda assisted me in these issue. Very professional and helpful. Thanks Amanda.

Former upset customer (Digital Life),


I have service for less than 2 weeks.  Long story short, I cancelled the service within the two week time frame.  However, AT&T forgot to update the billings / or retention department.


I have been receiving bills showing charges for cancelled services.  Worse off, I got charged for a level of service (digital camera) that was not even installed.


I have spoken with Billings, Retention, and Support service to resolve this.  I got the cancellation code but they are unwilling or unable to provide a confirmation code for zeroing of the balance. 


I have been on the phone for over an hour to get a simple request of a Zero Balance and or confirmation # for the zero balance.  I wanted it for my record so if (or more likely when) they screw up again and bill me for services I don't have - I would like to have a zero balance confirmation rather than start from scratch.


Dealing with AT&T is like dealing with groundhog day because they screw up and keep saying trust us - if I had it, I would still be a customer with AT&T and not venting my anger on a blog about this level.


FYI- I am still on hold attempting to get a supervisor to authorize a simple letter or bill statement showing I owe no money. 


Is that a large or challenging request since confirmation numbers are generated for everything else?

Every since my digital life system been installed, the other devices (playstation and Samsung DVD) were disengaged from the internet. Have tried to engage with no success. Can you assist? My internet is with Charter. Live in an area where AT&T are not allowed to give internet service.

I have been an AT&T customer for many years with landline phones,TVs & cell phones.  I just recently purchased a plan with Digital Life home security.  Always have had good experiences with their  "After Sales Service". 

The Digital Life security home installer "Stephen H" was very knowledgeable and skilled with the installation of our home security system.

Contacted (by phone) the Service Center for help with our Digital Life security system. (waiting on hold for 20 minutes, then found I was talking to a person that needed to talk to the supervisor several times) was told the problem should resolve itself by morning, which did not resolve it self.

Using the Chat system;  Was connected with "Mandy".  Found Mandy was very knowledgeable with Digital Life home security systems.  After a few minutes of chat, Mandy had the answers to solving my concerns.  It's refreshing to have people like Stephen & Mandy around.   

Thank you much to both of you.


Would you please stop making changes to the Digital Life App.   It's very annoying that each month the layout is completely different.


I absolutely HATE At&t service!!! I have had a problem with the internet staying attive everyday, I have to reset the it at Least 5 times a day to do my online homework. And the bill OMG!!! I HAVE BEEN OVERCHARGED BY AT&T EVERY MONTH SINCE THE DAY THEY INSTALLED IT. I wish I was exaggerating but these are Facts. I understand now why peole are willing to pay a little more to Charter Communications service, at least their service isn't iffy and it works ALL THE TIME without resetting anything. Charter also only charges you what they quote you and the services you've asked for.


Wish I would have done some research before I signed u for At&t,

 A very dissatisfied Customer




Hi, I'm a Digital Life customer for a year now and I absolutely HATE this service! I believe AT&T should stick to teelphone services, only! I have the keypad, camera and door lock package and it's the WORSE!  My keypad is constantly offline with the error message "Keypad lost AC Power".  I have made SEVERAL tech appointments that come out and then the same error happens! So I'm paying for a system that looses power and not record or monitor my family! The  technician in the summer state it was originally installed wrong and we will have to wiggle the keypad sometimes to get it connected again!  WHAT!!! So the wires behind are NOT connecting and he told me this is what I'll have to do or it loose power! HOW INSANE IS THAT! Now it's once again back to "keypad lost AC Power" error code.  I made an appointment for tech to come out on March 24 from 8am - 12pm.  He didn't get to my home until 4:00PM!! I had to leave! I called AT&T and I want my services CANCELLED and i should NOT pay an early termination fee! Your services are the WORSE! Your 800 number gave me a customer service address to write to in North Cross, GA which I have. I still have NOT heard back and I'm being billed for services that are NOT working! 


I've given up on the Digital Life app. It rarely works! Why am I paying for a service that's not working? I won't renew my service even for free, I doubt it would work in an emergency. You need to fix the app or don't offer one. 


Digital life has been the worst experience of my life, it never works right and i had a life threatening experience that  happened i go to check my cameras so i could show the cops and nothing has been recorded in a month. I sat on the phone for 4 hours trying to get them to cancel it and the refused to do so without charging the $350 after the verified that there was something wrong with the system so after 4 hours of trying to get this resolved i was told a supervisor would call me or i could wait on hold for another 2 hours. I never got a call from a supervisor. So now i am moving and i am in a area that does not get internet access and i will not be able to use my cameras for my digital life.. they still refuse to cancel it even tho i wont be able to get the full benefit of the system. I have never in my life had a company treat me so bad . I would not recommend this service to anyone. 

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