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Congratulations to our 34 Recipients of the 2014 - 2015 Award for Community Excellence (ACE)!


Congratulations to the 34 recipients of the 2014 - 2015 Award for Community Excellence (ACE) with their featured story on!


ACE - An Acronym that Matters  (you'll want to read this!)


ACEs are eager to share their knowledge with the AT&T Community.  We asked them a few questions this week.  Their answers may surprise you.


1. What would you like to tell a new user in the community?


@JefferMC , who authored nine Accepted Solutions in July 2014 including this one about music playlists - You get out of this community what you put into it. There's a lot of people here willing to share what they know and help you with what knowledge and abilities they have. Bring a good attitude, and good things often happen. Stick around and help others and you learn all sorts of things.


@dmapr , our most senior ACE.who has replied more than 14k times since joining in February, 2004 - Search first to see if someone has already asked your question. There may even be a solution already. Then if you still need to ask your question, make it as precise as possible.


2. What brought you to the AT&T Community?


@RCSMG , who tells us in his signature, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, caring citizens can change the world: indeed it's what always does."   -The reason I came to the community forum was because I was looking for more information on how the U-verse service worked. Once I got here I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the forum participants at the time. So I decided to stay and pay it forward.


@mibrnsurg , our July 2014 ACE of the Month - I had been aware when AT&T announced the Lightspeed project in 2005 to bring TV and high speed internet to homes. So in the late spring of 2007, I saw the contractors installing the fiber optic cable on the poles replacing the copper trunk lines in our neighborhood.


@oz_1 , with almost 4k replies since 2008  - Great people with an excellent knowledge base.


@dwinth , who answered a question about U-verse and the NFL in this recent post - I love U-Verse television and internet. It has more bang for the buck and quality than any other provider I have had previously. I like reading forums that pertain to something that I am interested in. When I joined the forum on February 9, 2009, I had no idea that I would get this interested in the U-Verse forum.


3. What's your favorite feature of the AT&T Community?



@OttoPylot , who authored his own Microcell Technical Guide -The members (at least most of them).



@dhascall , wiho has authored 30 Accepted Solutions, including this one about Netflix with more than 3k views:  The U-Verse TV sub-forums. Lots of great U-Verse TV info, there!


@GeekBoyour August 2014 ACE of the Month - I love how you can get responses from some people with years of experience and fully understand what they are talking abut , not just someone reading from a script.


4. What kinds of questions do you like to answer?


@adidaskid808 , who has authored 27 Accepted Solutions including this one about GoPhone with almost 5k views  - How to unlock my IPhone (any model)


@hme83 , with almost 9k replies since 2005 -  Wireless - mostly Nokia related, and also prepaid to some degree (I don't have a prepaid account any longer, but I'm still feel fairly familiar with the service offerings and on-line account setup, etc.) Also community related questions, and I really enjoy technical and conceptual discussions about the industry and the technology.


@Rayosun , who authored three Accepted Solutions in August, 2014 including this one about Metro PCS viewed more than 400 times - I like the not-so-simple questions as those help develop friendships as well as give people a sense of hope that help is here.


5. What kind of information makes the most helpful original post?



@americangame , our September 2014 ACE of the Month - Punctuation and spacing. I can't read a wall of text that doesn't end.


@GLIMMERMAN76 , who has already authored three Accepted Solutions in September, 2014 including this one on the HTC   - Info on the problem. Tells us what wrong and we will try and help you through it. "If you upgrade the os, do a full wipe before and a full wipe after" - words of wisdom to live by with android.


@kdfederer , who authored six Accepted Solutions in August 2014 including this one on changing phones - Give as much information as you can and try to be explicit in your details. Telling us that your phone don't work doesn't give us any info to go on. What doesn't work? What do you think it should do? Include make and model of your phone. Every phone does things a little different. We can't tell you how to do something on your phone when it is done one way on one operating system and a different way on another operation system.


And finally, @hpmsrm  who tells us in his "About," "78 years old. Happily married to the same wonderful gal for 58+ years. Graduate of University of Kansas. Retired radio & television news director." . - also offers us all words to post by - I firmly believe that, most often, the simplest solutions are the most effective. In other words....KISS....Keep It Simple Stupid....really does work.


Again, congratulations to the 2014 - 2015 ACEs.  Watch this Community Blog for the "ACE of the Month" interview.  And be sure to check out their story on!

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