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August 2014 ACE of the Month - geekboy!

Former Employee

Our August, 2014 ACE of the Month - geekboy - joined our community November 6, 2008.



1.  What brought you to the AT&T Community?


I joined a little while back.  I think I had just gotten my new iPhone 3G and was having a minor issue with something and I came here looking to find help with it.  I must have found what I needed because I kept using that iPhone, and eventually upgrade to a newer model (more than once).


2.  You've created 29 Accepted Solutions during this ACE year - six for U-verse Internet, and 23 for Wireless.  Wow!  What's your secret?


I don't keep secrets.  I tell everyone everything I know, if they'll listen.  Perhaps that's the key to getting Accepted Solutions, the fact that I will freely share what I know with others.  I'm not surprised I don't have many in the U-Verse Internet forums just because there are so many other smart people there who can answer questions and generally get to new ones before me.  We have a number of good people in the Wireless area too, but there are so many different sub-areas with all the phone choices, it's easy to see how it is hard for one person could step in and fill a void with lots of answers. 

3.  What's your favorite kind of question to answer, and why?


Well,  I prefer the questions that I can answer, just because, well, I can answer them.  In many cases, those will be ones that involve technical issues just because I find technology easy to understand, and therefore I tend to know what is going wrong for a user based on their description of the problem.

4.  What do you do when you're not hanging out in the community?


You mean I'm allowed to do things outside the community forums?  When did that change? :smileyhappy:  No, really I do a number of different things from high tech (geocaching, and other location based "gaming") to low tech (handspinning yarn from wool or other fibers).  I help my wife with keeping up with our "fur kids" (we have Shelties, and Australian Shepherds).  In my spare time, I tend to play around with trying to write iPhone applications.

5.  What do you see Wireless service being like in 10 years?


This is a tough one for me.  I try not to predict the future, just because I'm afraid I might be right.  I would rather not limit the future to my imagination, I would rather let it expand to the the limits of the imagination of many.  If I had to try to guess, I would think that we will see smaller phones, faster data, lower prices (I know, this one is more of a pipe dream).

6.  If your life was a novel - which would it be, and why?


My life *IS* a novel, and thankfully for me, the ending hasn't been written yet.  If you want me to compare my life to a novel which has already been written and you can go read for yourself now, I guess I would have to say that I would like to think it is more like Forrest Gump.  I'm not a genius by any means, but I have a good heart, and I manage to have a positive impact on many peoples' lives.  I'm honest, to a fault, and I don't always understand the problems other people see, but I'm open and friendly, and willing to give others the benefit of the doubt.

7.  If you could tell a new community user "one thing," what would it be?


Well, what do I feel is "THE most important" to a new community member?  Hmmm, This one isn't as tough as I first thought it would be.  The most important thing that I think I would tell new community members is that the people who are here to help them the most are all volunteers and fellow AT&T customers like themselves.  We face the same problems as they do, and we have to deal with the same customer service reps, and support staff, so we know what things can be like for them, so when they get upset and and want to tart calling people names because they don't instantly solve a problem,  take a step back and consider how they would like to be treated like they are treating others.  If they wouldn't like to be treated like that, then perhaps they shouldn't treat others that way, and if they enjoy getting abused by others, they should consider stepping up and offering to answer a few questions for others themselves.

8.  Which ACES do you admire most, and why?


It's hard to single out one or two other ACES for "special recognition".  All of the ACES do a great job helping others and sharing their knowledge and experience.  The AT&T Community forums are so large and have so many areas of specialization that I haven't interacted with many of the other ACES so it would be unfair to single out one or two just because I have interacted with them more.  I'm sure everyone here is excellent otherwise they wouldn't be here.  In the ACE community, the people I admire the most are the AT&T staff that work silently behind the scenes to try to keep us up to date on everything or try to get issues that need internal staff support the assistance they need.  Those people are the true heroes of the AT&T ACE community. 

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Thanks, @GeekBoy , for being our August 2014 ACE of the Month!  We're so glad you're here.

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Way to go, GB!

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