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You can learn a lot about your fellow community members from their rank titles. Higher ranks = more active and helpful in the community. After all - we're all here to help each other!


Wondering how you increase your rank?  Doing these things can help you level up in the community:


  • Reading posts, blogs and other content in the communities and lounges
  • Commenting on content other community members post
  • Tagging content to make it easier for others to find via search
  •  Kudo'ing favorite content
  • Asking questions about your AT&T products
  • Providing answers to other community member's questions
  • Having your answer selected as the accepted solution to a question


Community members earn ranks based on their level of participation as well as how long they have belonged to the AT&T Community Forums. Different ranks have different privileges measured by points, which you accumulate as you progress.  Below you can see the new ranks and how they stack up.  The ranks kind of “run into each other” depending on the activity of the member – Observer, Curator and Participator.  Each activity in the community – reading, creating, replying, tagging, rating– gives points, and points translate to ranks.


Rank Name-1.png


   Rank Name-2.png




Members are automatically given the highest rank for which they qualify, even if they perform multiple types of activities. So, for example, when a Visitor observer starts tagging posts, he'll be ranked a Participant very quickly.


Your AT&T Community Management Team

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