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ACE of the Month - Fl_retire! (August 2019)

Community Manager


medium.jpgCongratulations to @Fl_retire our August, 2019 ACE of the Month! @Fl_retire joined the community on April 26, 2017. He's authored 1034 Posts, 76 Solutions and received 298 KUDOS... and counting!


Here is your chance to learn a little bit more about @Fl_retire (And to learn more about ACEs, go HERE)


1. You've been a member of this Community for 2+ years, have over 1014 Posts, received 290 Kudos and authored 73 Solutions! What keeps bringing back and makes you want to help other users? 


Teamwork learned while in the military (US Air Force).  Since my retirement I want to stay up with technology.


2. You mainly help users and answer questions about AT&T Wireless service and products. How do you know so much about it, what do you like the most about it, and do you use any other AT&T products and services?


I like to research problems to find solutions. Worked in Information Technology for last 5 years in the military and 22 years in federal government.


I have ATT wireless and DirecTV.


3. Speaking of your favorite tech... which tech companies do you admire most? Do you feel like any of them are still innovating in 2019?


Apple develops technology and manufactures quality products that last.

Netflix for the way they innovate delivery of their product to customers.


4. What upcoming tech in most exciting to you? Real or maybe still science fiction.., what do you think will make the greatest impact in the near future?


Artificial Intelligence application in many aspects as in training, development of new products.


5. If you could take one single device to an uninhabited island with you, what would it be?


Would say it would be iPad to store books on.


6. And speaking of islands? Do you like to travel? What are some of your favorite destinations and why?


I do like to travel. While in the military I was assigned in the Far East, Middle East, Europe and US East and West Coast.  Put in a lot of air miles traveling in the military.

I would say the Middle East and southern Europe were my favorite destinations for the history.


7. What do you do when you're not hanging around the community? What are your favorite hobbies? 


Since I live in Florida golfing, fishing and going to the beach are high on the list.


8. What is the one movie you're guaranteed to see this year? Or what was your favorite one so far?


Captain Marvel (Brie Larson and her ability to play comic and dramatic scenes)


9. What advice do you have for new Community members?


Read all comments/posts to better understand solutions to problems they are having. 


Read and understand sales and promotions.




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