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Company A-Lists

I've been using the A-List feature since I discovered it last year when we started ramping up the number of users on our shared BusinessTalk plan. The site is confusing on what can be done with Company A-Lists. It says you can have up to 5 Company A-Lists with up to 10 numbers on each one. That leads me to believe that you could have 50 numbers for your entire company that would not be charged.


I started going through the bill looking for numbers with high minutes and thought I'd add them to the standard main numbers for each of our locations. I wound up with 19 numbers, so I split them into 3 groups by type. I missed the part where you had to apply the second and third group so the number that I moved from group 1 with the highest minutes was no longer on anyone's list. I tried to apply them and from the error message (not the instructions on the website) I determined that you can only apply one of the 5 company A-Lists. I confirmed this with a call to the Key Contact Center.


I went back to create a list of the heaviest used numbers on the first company A-List and applied that to the FAN selecting overwrite. I have to wait until the next day to find the results (I thought computers were faster than that!). It updated the primary number from the shared plan, but none of the other lines. How frustrating! It said "this is not the primary line".


I have now tried updating the list on the primary number (which it really isn't, it is just the first number added to the shared plan). We will see if tomorrow the numbers are applied to the rest of the numbers on the plan.

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Re: Company A-Lists

I've been also using the A-List feature since I discovered it last year when we started ramping up the numbers of users on our site



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