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AT&T Smart wifi app

AT&T Smart wifi app

Am I the only one who thinks this app is totally useless?


The data monitor shows 100% of my data is over wifi. Kind of hard to believe it when I'm not on wifi 100% of the time. Even tethered a few times out in the field, and it tallies up the bits and bites, but always shows 100% wifi. How can I trust it to even give me an accurate data count?


Is there any advantage to using it when searching/connecting to at&t hotspots?

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Re: AT&T Smart wifi app

If you are an AT&T employee, and have a CoU plan, then you are not charged for data on your phone, and hence it will show zero usage for data.

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Re: AT&T Smart wifi app

I'm not an at&t employee. And that doesn't make sense on why it wouldn't track cell data anyway.

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Re: AT&T Smart wifi app

I think they need to include this app on the apple market to be available for ipads and itouchs. Auto acceptance to user agreements through this app would make it a breeze to log into multiple locations that provide at&t hotspots. Also I've had some locations that the user aggreement page has problems where the get connected button overlaps the check box, making it useless to even have a page there in the first place.

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Re: AT&T Smart wifi app

Hi Volvoxan,

Thank you for your post about the AT&T Smart Wi-Fi app. We will provide this information to our products team as feedback.
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Re: AT&T Smart wifi app

Sign me up as one who heartily agrees, but for a different reason.  My smart "wifi" app uses more mobile data looking for wifi locations than it saves.  In fact after installing it, and not realizing this fact, I had to increase my mobile data plan.  After the next month I was charged $30 more for an extra 5MB of data usage at the end of the billing period.  Finally got a data usage monitor -- from adndroid apps not att -- and found out the smart wifi app was consuming the same amount of mobile data as it was wifi data.  Turning it off has saved me a lot.  I am currently testing to see if this is true for the long run and will seek a refund from att if the trend continues

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