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Traveling Abroad? Tips for Staying Connected


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 Are you planning to travel abroad soon? If you are, I’d like to share a few tips to help make your trip a success. First, do you know how to make calls and send texts to the U.S.? It’s easy. All you have to do is enter 1 and the 10-digit number. If you’re trying to reach someone in another country, dial 1, the country code and the local phone number. Keep in mind that the “+” sign typically appears if you press and hold the “0” key on your dial pad. You can also use Wi-Fi Calling during your trip. Please note that if you call an international phone number, you will incur International Long Distance (ILD) charges based on your rate plan or ILD package



Now I’d like to offer a few troubleshooting tips in case you encounter a service issue.


  1. Turn your phone off for one minute and then back on.
  2. Detach your phone battery and then reinsert it, (depending on your device)
  3. Set your phone’s frequency band to “automatic”.

If you need assistance while you’re away, you can contact AT&T International Customer Care at +1.314.925.6925. We’re here to help you.


Do you have any tips to share that helped you to have a successful trip? Let’s chat.


“I am an AT&T employee and the views reflected in my blog are not necessarily those of AT&T.”


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