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SD-WAN Orchestrator: Business Policy Rules: Edit a Rule


AT&T SD-WAN orchestrator makes it easy to edit business policy rules. Watch this video and we’ll show you how: http://soc.att.com/2XWiHXo -- Note that if you want to learn what business policy rules are  and what they do, see our “Overview of Rules" video for SD-WAN orchestrator.

Now let's edit an existing rule. Typically you would only do this if you wanted to change from one of the default
routing policies or adjust an existing routing policy.

We’ll start on the AT&T Edges page. At the left of the page, expand the "Configure" section. Select either "Edges" or
"Profiles" depending upon where the rule is that you want to edit.

Next, select the edge or profile that has the rule you want to edit.  Now, select the "Business Policy" tab. Note that if you want to edit a rule for a profile, you must go to the “Business Policy” tab for that profile.

You can’t use an edge’s “Business Policy” tab to edit any rules it gets from its assigned profile. Click the name of the rule you want to edit. The “Configure Rule” screen appears. Make changes as needed. And then click "OK." The Business Policy list reappears, but your changes aren't saved yet. Make sure to click "Save Changes."

Your updates are saved, and a confirmation message appears. If you’ve edited a rule for a profile, your update is applied in near-real time to all edges assigned to that profile.

If you’ve edited a rule for an edge, the update is applied quickly to that one edge. Want to learn more?

There are lots of ways. Check out the orchestrator online help… view or search the Business Center help pages… or watch our other videos about business policy rules.


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