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“Record a Video with Confidence!” Speaking Tips for Video


Man wearing cap outside holding a video camera in front of his faceVideo is Hot and is a great way to engage your audience…but not if your delivery puts them to sleep. Have you ever experienced the pain of watching a speaker who was unsure of himself? I’m sure we all have been nervous about delivering a message at some point in our lives and the idea of sharing the content on video may increase our anxiety. The idea of recording a video may make some people nervous because, as I just mentioned, they are afraid of public speaking, not looking good on video, or making mistakes. However, I believe communicating via video is easier because you don’t have the same pressure of facing a live audience. Another advantage to creating a video is that you can always start over. I’d like to share a few of my public speaking tips that may help you to deliver your message with confidence. You can use these techniques regardless of whether someone else shoots a video of you, you shoot a video of yourself or you record a video via services such as Telepresence or AT&T Connect.


When you start recording, take a deep breath and pause for a moment to help you relax. Next, look directly into the camera and SMILE!!!! I believe smiling will give you more energy and the viewers are more likely to remain focused on what you have to say. Another source of energy is good posture regardless of whether you are standing or sitting up straight. Good posture makes it easier for you to breathe, which allows you to articulate better and increase the volume of your voice. If you are concerned about looking comfortable, I suggest you sit in a chair or on a stool.


If you are still nervous, pretend you are having a conversation with a close colleague or friend just like you would naturally if he or she was in the room with you. Imagine you are looking at that person instead of the camera. What if you make a mistake in the middle of your message? Don’t worry. No one speaks perfectly all the time. It’s natural for people to make mistakes. However, if you have access to editing software, you may be able to delete the error. If you say something wrong, pause for a moment, collect your thoughts and then repeat your statement. When you have finished speaking, make sure you remain smiling and then pause for a moment before you stop the recording for editing purposes.


For those of you who already create videos, do you have any video tips about delivery you’d like to share? Let’s chat!


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