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How can I unlock blackberry z10??


How can I unlock blackberry z10??

Hi to all.
Two month ago I won a blackberry Z10 by "Blackberry z10 keep moving with alicia keys".
This is my first smartphone and now I am in Italy for some month for business.
Therefore I need to get the unlock code to use my phone with Italian operator.
How can I do it??
Have I provide the IMEI code??
Thank for your replies.

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Re: How can I unlock blackberry z10??

The best way will probably be to contact customer support.  The following number is for your use since you are abroad: +1-916-843-4685.


You didn't say whether or not you are a current AT&T customer, so I'm unsure of what level of support you will get, but the phone number is your best starting place.

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