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Blackberry Passport


Blackberry Passport

Will AT&T offer the Blackberry Passport when it's released in September? I hope we can see some love toward Blackberry from AT&T.

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Re: Blackberry Passport

I am hoping they do and soon after availability. I have been an AT&T Wireless customer since back in the Cellular One days. If some other US Carrier gets it before AT&T, I may have switch after 20+ years of being a loyal customer!

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I hope they have the passport as soon as or soon after th...

I hope they have the passport as soon as or soon after the release. I have 8 lines with my family plan and would hate to have to take them somewhere else after being a loyal Att customer for 10 years.
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All I ever wanted in this world was a blackberry passport...

All I ever wanted in this world was a blackberry passportpassport
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I really hope so, I'm already annoyed that the Z30 wasn't...

I really hope so, I'm already annoyed that the Z30 wasn't offered. If a premium BBerry device like the Passport or Classic isn't offered shortly, I'll need to investigate other carriers.
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Re: I really hope so, I'm already annoyed that the Z30 wasn't...

I agree. If the Passport and the Classic are not offerred by AT&T, I will be looking at Verizon. There is no reason for AT&T to refuse to offer the Z30. 

When I pick up one of these new devices, I will get it online. The AT&T stores will try to talk you in to buying something else. They hate Blackberry.

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Re: Blackberry Passport

I will buy the BlackBerry PassPort to replace my z10! Hopefully I can pre-order online like I did the q10 b/c ATT Wireless store clerks are brainless and have no clue about mobile device offerings.  Even the "tech geek" clerks are blown away when I show them my z10 running android apps with full GooglePlay store access and recongnition. ..

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Re: Blackberry Passport

I really don't know why the staff at the AT&T stores is so anti Blackberry.  I never saw any posters nor special displays for the Z10.  The Z10 was way in the back of the store and would only know it existed if one asked for it.  AT&T is the biggest player in the US so Blackberry needs to make sure AT&T does a better job of promoting the Passport in store.


The majority of smart phone users have no clue that Blackberry 10 can do anything their phones can and more securely.  People need to be educated and it starts with the guys selling the phones. 


I really do hope they carry it.  I'll go get it the day it comes out.





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Re: Blackberry Passport


I have a Z10, looking forward to get blackberry passport.


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Where is the Blackberry Passport !!!

I want to buy a Blackberry Passport.   Never anything else. Where are the new Blackberrys!

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Re: Where is the Blackberry Passport !!!


Hi Motorhead77,


We don't have any information at this time as the phone hasn't launched yet. Check online, I believe there are some launch events scheduled to take place soon, and there might be more into released at that time.




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Re: Blackberry Passport

Hello, everyone!


We will carry the BlackBerry Passport. Pricing & availability will be announced at a later date. Stay tuned for more info.



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Re: Blackberry Passport

Im hearing available Oct 1st for $249 w/ contract. .. I hope this date is accurate! 

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BlackBerry Passport - Where is it?

AT&T is the exclusive carrier for this amazing device - it has sold out on Amazon with 5 star reviews. It sold 200,000 units in the first 6 hours of release. Yet not a hint of it at the AT&T website, a search turns up nothing. No ads, no announcements. No way to preorder no listings, nothing. What gives AT&T, still down on BlackBerry?


I had to buy a Verizon Z30 becasue AT&T would not support it. I get very old BB 10 OS upgdates from AT&T.


I'm ready to change carriers after 15 years with AT&T since the cingular days. iPhones bend.

I will wait to see how well you support the BlackBerry Classic, because I WILL change to whichever carrier supports it.


You people still seem to be stuck on the bendy phones.



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I 100% agree with you! It's not up to the iphone users th...

I 100% agree with you! It's not up to the iphone users that work at att to tell me what phone I want. I KNOW what phone I want, and it's a BlackBerry Passport.
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