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OS6 Software Bundles for 9700?


OS6 Software Bundles for 9700?

Hello, I am a Blackberry Enterprise Server Administrator.


I can go to the AT&T Software Download site and see that the 9700 has a supported version of OS 6.x available. So I could download it and via Desktop Manager, and start upgrading user's devices manually, but I have hundreds of users.


However if I want to push the software package out to users via the BES, when I search for software bundles via the BES, only packages to upgrade from some version of OS 5 to another version of OS 5 are listed.


example (Platform <- (Platform 9700 (Platform <- (Platform 9700 (Platform <- (Platform 9700 (Platform <- (Platform 9700 (Platform <- (Platform 9700 (Platform <- (Platform 9700


Is there an ETA for when a to bundle might be published?



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Re: OS6 Software Bundles for 9700?

Sounds like a question for blackberry
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Re: OS6 Software Bundles for 9700?

Nope, it's a carrier prepared package, that they perhaps provide to RIM.

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Re: OS6 Software Bundles for 9700?

Ahh, ok gotcha. You learn something new every day.
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