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Still Waiting...... On a return call


Still Waiting...... On a return call

As a follow up to my 11.29.2018 post; I have yet to receive a return call.  I spent a total of 70 minutes on the phone that night, and AT&T can’t make true, once again, by returning  the call as promised.  

I worked for AT&T when I was in high school, this is NOT the customer service they accepted from their employees then.  It’s clear, something has changed AT&T and it’s sad!  Because, what I learned working there I apply daily with my customers.   That training I value, AT&T needs to go back to that training level.   Does anyone have another number other than the main number, I can call to get this corrected?  

My next step will have to be to contact the corporate discount department for my company, to let them know how AT&T is treating their business partner.

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