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Re: Security system doesn't make me feel secure!


Security system doesn't make me feel secure!

I've had 2 incidents of teenagers in my driveway pulling car door handles in the middle of the night. I could barely make out very much about the intruders because the Night vision on the camera ia terrible, even after Ive added white white lights to the driveway in the direction of the camera. Also, UPS made a delivery. I saw the truck pull up but did not see him come to the door, only leave. The lag time with the app(when it's working) is terrible.  It constantly freezes. Ive had my alarm sound multiples times when the system was in instant mode without a single call back. I have another year with this contract. Im requesting a cancellation without an early termination fee. 

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Re: Security system doesn't make me feel secure!




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Re: Security system doesn't make me feel secure!

@skegeegrad00   Hello. My apologies for the issue. If you would please click on my user name and then click "Send PM" to send me a message with your name, address, contact info and account number, so that I can have this looked into and have a specialist contact you to resolve the issue. Thank you

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