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I sent back my unused digital life equipment on November 19, 2018 and to date I have spent HOURS trying to get them to answer the question.... Have you received my equipment and credited my account?  I have called and been put on hold after 35 min to over an hour.... only to be hung up on after they keep repeating you are being accelerated to a manager.  No one is able to answer any questions.  I am being told I owe them over 635.00 for the equipment.  So I followed their instructions and placed the return label from the box on it and took it to the post office, dropped it off and they have it according to USPS.  ATT can't find it in their warehouse nor are the able to use the internet and USPS tracking site to see they have it??? Hummm.  Isn't ATT supposed to be great at the internet, phone, cable everything electronic... but they can't find a package?????  I asked the simple question... how do I resolve this issue?  No one there can tell you an answer to that question.  Are you just supposed to pay for something you never used and returned?  I am confused.  Why is this so hard for them?  I have been told multiple times that a ticket has been created to research this problem and a member of management will be in touch with me.  Again, no contact from them.  So I called again tonight, hung up on twice (over 30 min on hold each time) and finally a customer service could not locate my account because I did not say my middle name as part of my full account name... really??? the first two that hung up found it just fine.  And of course this person could do nothing but tell me I owed them money and she had no way to look up anything or find it.  So here is the question??? How do I resolve this problem???????????????????????????

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@dmp001  Hello. My apologies for the issue. If you would please click on my user name and then click "Send PM" to send me a message with your name, address, contact info and account number, so that I can have this looked into and have a specialist contact you to resolve the issue. Thank you

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