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Help with Camera Alerts - Camera triggering App Alert


Help with Camera Alerts - Camera triggering App Alert

I currently have a 'program' setup that txt's me when my camera senses motion. My problem is that a simple TXT message to my phone may not be enough to wake me up at night when people are trying to break in!  Yes this happens once per week.


I've tried all types of different txt 'tones' on my iphone.  None of them are all that loud.  Question: Any ideas for a persistent alarm or notification from within the AT&T DL App?  


Any other ideas on alarms that can go off when motion is detected?



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Re: Help with Camera Alerts - Camera triggering App Alert

@gman1001  Hello. There is not a way to have a program set up that would sound the alarm each time the cameras are triggered. However, a solution that you could do is to have either a Digital Life light switch installed in  your bedroom or use a Digital Life smart plug with a lamp in your bedroom. Then you could write a program that if the camera detects an event the light will turn on in your room. If you think that may work for you, click on my user name and then click "Send PM" and send me your name, address, account number and best phone number... then i can take a look at which package you have and see what the additional cost would be for you to add either of these.

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